The Sweet Way This Is Us Star Mandy Moore Celebrated Her Dad's Last Day As A Pilot

Mandy Moore on This Is Us
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It looks like This Is Us star Mandy Moore isn’t the only talented member of her family, because the pop star-turned-actress’ father has been a career pilot for most of his life. Flying a plane is certainly a job that requires serious skill and, now, her pop is retiring his wings since he’s reached the mandatory retirement age for pilots. Moore must be taking a leaf out of her This Is Us character's book, because her message celebrating her father's milestone is seriously heartwarming.

We’ve come to know Mandy Moore as a mother (or her portrayal of one, anyway) on the hit NBC drama. However, it’s her role as a daughter that's on display in her recent Instagram post, which honored her father’s last day in his profession. She lovingly gives a little background on his career as a pilot and congratulates him on having so many years in the business. You can check out the sentimental post below:

So during her dad's last day flying a plane, the star was able to celebrate by getting a view of a plane’s cockpit. In her caption, she says she hopes her father is proud of his massive accomplishment, and my eyes are getting a little misty, especially since, in my mind, I'm hearing her words in her This Is Us character’s emotional voice. Fans seem to have nothing. but love in the comments section, as there are plenty of people sending him some big congratulations. Here's what the actress had to say exactly:

I hope you’re proud, Dad…. because there are so many of us who sure are celebrating this milestone. Can’t wait for your next chapter and all of the unfiltered Grandpa time Gus is about to experience!! We LOVE YOU!!!

Mandy Moore also mentions her own son in the caption, saying her father can now spend more time with his grandchild. Moore worked through her pregnancy while filming Season 5 of her show, and her son is currently around 9 months old. This is clearly just the beginning of a wonderful new phase for this family, and Moore's father's retirement seemingly couldn't have come at a more ideal time. 

And it’s not only the  father who is entering a new chapter, either, because This Is Us fans will soon be doing the same, along with the cast of the long running series as well. The last season of the acclaimed series has wrapped and, once it premieres, fans will need to find another tear-jerking show to devastate their existences and feed their internal emotion meters. 

The 6th and final season of This Is Us is set to premiere on NBC on January 4th. We can expect 18 episodes and since the cast, who just received huge bonuses for the final season, will hopefully deliver a ton of powerful scenes to tug on our heartstrings and further show why audiences have fallen in love with the Pearson family.

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