This Is Us’ Mandy Moore Drops F-Bomb As Paparazzi Try To Follow Her And Her Son On Hike

Mandy Moore looks stern as Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us.
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Mandy Moore has played matriarch Rebecca Pearson on NBC’s hit drama This Is Us for five seasons, and one of the things we’ve learned following the Pearsons’ stories across multiple generations is you don’t mess with family. While Mandy Moore may not actually be Rebecca Pearson, I’d like to think they share some of the same Mama Bear qualities, and Moore certainly didn’t pull any verbal punches when calling out a paparazzo who tried to follow her on a walk with her infant son.

The singer-turned-actress had some very direct comments for a photographer, and it apparently wasn't the first time Mandy Moore has had issues with him. After returning home, she released a statement (via E!) with some language that possibly wasn’t very Rebecca Pearson-esque (but in the best way).

To the paparazzi dude who just tried to join me and my son on our walk for the second Sunday in a row you can kindly fuck off. Same dude that harassed Taylor and I when I was 10 months pregnant and Jackson was in the hospital fighting for his life.

Mandy Moore shares 9-month-old son August with her husband Taylor Goldsmith, whom she’s been married to since 2018. August (or Gus, as Moore sometimes calls him) is the couple’s first child. Moore said this is at least the third run-in she’s had with this photographer, as he’d tried to follow them before, as well as when their dog Jackson was in the hospital battling cancer. The A Walk to Remember actress went on to say her family has gone out of its way to avoid such attention.

I know my line of work puts me in a position for this kind of stuff but go find someone who courts it, ya know? We live in a quiet part of town for a reason. you weren't invited to tag along on my day.

Now that the public has been notified, one can only hope that the photographer learns some common sense and leaves Mandy Moore and her fam the hell alone. Although such hopes are usually dashed when it comes to the privacy-breaching paparazzi. 

This Is Us, whose cast received huge bonuses ahead of its sixth and final season, worked around Mandy Moore’s pregnancy in Season 5. The show’s taking place across different timelines allowed them to compensate for some things in order to not have a pregnant “old Rebecca,” creator Dan Fogelman said. Fogelman has promised to resolve all of the show’s open mysteries, even while still more questions were introduced in the Season 5 finale.

Fans were hoodwinked when, instead of Kevin getting married to Madison at the end of Season 5, This Is Us pulled off a shocking timeline jump to the future to show Kate (who is still currently married to Toby in the “present”) getting remarried to her co-worker Phillip. A number of other questions remain for This Is Us’ “devastating” ending, particularly the 2034 timeline, where the Pearsons are gathering around Rebecca on her death bed. 

Luckily, fans don’t have too much longer to wait for Season 6. The final season of This Is Us premieres Tuesday, January 4, 2022, and unlike Season 5, which saw several long breaks between episodes, Season 6 will air largely interrupted. In the meantime, check out our 2021 TV Schedule to see what’s coming up through the end of the year.

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