This Is Us Cast Doing The Wobble Will Make You Forget All The Sad Things About The Final Season

Madison and Beth on This Is Us.
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Only a handful of episodes remain before viewers say goodbye to the Pearsons, and creator Dan Fogelman has made sure This Is Us’ final chapter is one we won’t forget. Season 6 has jumped forward in time to show the progression of Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s and the end of Kate and Toby’s marriage. We’ve gone into the past to see Jack’s mother die, and we’ve seen Deja suffer her first heartbreak. But put those tissues away, This Is Us fans, because members of the cast have shared a BTS video of the cast doing the Wobble, and it’s so much fun, you’ll forget all about the family’s on-screen woes.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Philip (Chris Geere) tied the knot in the latest episode, “Day of the Wedding,” and what’s a wedding without some dancing? During a break between scenes, the cast — in full wedding attire, of course — broke it down like the reception had an open bar. Check out the video Sterling K. Brown shared to Instagram:

The whole group seemed to be having an absolute blast, with Chrissy Metz doing like any good bride, and hiking up that wedding dress so it didn’t slow her down. During the episode, Rebecca brought everyone to tears with an emotional rendition of This Is Us’ theme song after the Big Three had questioned whether their ailing mother would even be able to perform. There was no question about Mandy Moore’s dance skills, however, as she wobbled like the 38-year-old she is, even as she was in full age makeup to portray Rebecca in her 70s. 

Justin Hartley was the only one not to hit the dance floor. Maybe he wanted to stay in full “surly Kevin” mode between scenes, or maybe he didn’t want to tip his hat to which of the three ladies his character had a wedding weekend hookup with. Because along with super sleuths Madison (Caitlin Thompson) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), the three “suspects” — Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and the wedding singer (Katie Lowes in her This Is Us debut) all joined in the line dance. Either way, he did make sure to get some of the dance on video.

Every actor out there is giving it their all — and you better believe I’ve watched the video enough times to know. Jon Huertas and Griffin Dunne proved that This Is Us does not let Miguel and Uncle Nicky out of the house often enough. Even the cast’s relative newcomers Chris Geere and Adam Korson (who plays Madison’s husband Elijah) held their own amongst the tough-to-crack group of Pearsons. While Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson were perfection as always, the Beth actress shared another behind-the-scenes video that Senator Pearson might want to make himself aware of:

The final five episodes are upon us, and while I wouldn’t argue with just full hours of Pearson flash mobs, I suppose it’s more important to wrap up the characters’ stories and get answers to those future timeline questions! Possibly the next mystery to be solved will be that of Kevin’s wife, as the next episode, “The Night Before the Wedding,” promises to explain at least some of Madison and Beth’s findings from their wedding day snooping.

This Is Us returns at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday, April 26, on NBC, with the series finale set for May 24. As multiple shows are wrapping up their seasons, check out a full list of finale dates, and head to our 2022 TV Schedule to see what shows are coming in to replace them!

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