This Is Us' Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz And Chris Sullivan Reveal The A+ Props They Want To Keep From The Set

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Only three episodes remain before the book is shut on the Pearson family saga, and as the This Is Us cast wobbles toward the series finale, some of the actors are looking to hang onto a piece of television history. It’s pretty common for the stars of a successful show to keep something from set as a memento from that particular era of their careers, and after six years together, a few members of the cast had their eyes on some pretty meaningful — and sometimes sizable — props from the NBC drama’s set. 

Sterling K. Brown, a.k.a. Senator Randall Pearson, hasn’t been shy about the emotional impact that the series’ conclusion has had on him, as he made a tearful plea for Mandy Moore to be recognized for her portrayal of Rebecca amid the character's worsening Alzheimer’s. Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan have been a huge part of Season 6, as we witnessed not just the end of Kate and Toby’s marriage, but their time-lapsed journeys to finding new love. After such a long and emotional experience, what were the items that the actors wanted to keep as their own?

Randall and Beth Pearson on This Is Us.

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Sterling K. Brown Wanted A Special Keepsake To Go To Susan Kelechi Watson

One of television’s greatest couples, Randall and Beth supported each other to the end, and when Sterling K. Brown thought about the trinkets that represented his time on the show, he told People about the item he wanted for his TV wife:

There is a little figurine. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to take this. I think Sue [Susan Kelechi Watson] deserves this more than I. It's a little Black sort of Barbie doll thing that lives in our kitchen and it moves from different spaces all the time. I just love the idea that they have this little Black girl figurine that has been a part of their lives for their daughters to see as they grow up, which would be cool to take.

I love the idea of the doll dancing around Randall and Beth’s kitchen — and I’ll definitely have my eye out for her in my inevitable rewatch of the series — but I love even more that the actor said Susan Kelechi Watson deserved it more than he did. Beth proved she was the Pearson MVP time and again, always there to give Randall whatever support he needed, and often being just far enough outside the Pearson family drama to see situations with a clearer perspective. 

That doesn't mean Sterling K. Brown has to leave Paramount Studio empty-handed, however. The actor also admitted he wouldn’t mind taking the Pilgrim Rick hat and starting his own Brown Thanksgiving traditions. Just don’t forget the Police Academy 3!

Kate and Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us.

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Chrissy Metz And Mandy Moore Both Called Dibs On A Musical Memento

Season 6 has seen Kate learn to stand up for herself and make choices for her own happiness, and it sounds like some of that strength came through when she laid claim to a prominent and meaningful item she told People she wanted to keep:

Definitely want the piano. I've already made it known to everybody on set. There are two pianos. There was one, at least, in Randall and Beth's that William (Ron Cephas Jones) played. Then there's one in Kate and Toby's home. Regardless, I'm getting that puppy. I've taken Kate's hospital bands and stuff, but I want something substantial. That piano, obviously, has a lot of wonderful, incredible memories in the show. I would just love to have it so we'll see.

If it sounds like Chrissy Metz is fighting hard to prove the piano is hers, that's because she may have some competition. Mandy Moore said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she also wanted to take home the prop that was such a big part of her character’s life:

There's this family piano that's been sort of passed down from generation by generation. I'm gonna take that.

Mandy Moore — who is actually three years younger than the actress who plays her daughter — acknowledged that Chrissy Metz had already called dibs, but she joked that she was willing to play a little dirty and “slip the props master like a hundred dollar bill.” 

After Rebecca’s emotional performance of the This Is Us theme song at Kate and Phillip’s wedding, it seems like it would be hard to deny the Pearson matriarch the piano. Chrissy Metz said there were two floating around the family’s homes throughout the decades, and there was definitely one from the music school where Kate and Phillip met. Hopefully there are enough to go around without causing a big mother/daughter fight!

Chris Sullivan as Toby on This Is Us.

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Chris Sullivan Wants To Drive Off The Lot In A Big Piece Of Pearson History

Go big or go home, right? Chris Sullivan’s character may not have gone the distance with Kate, but Toby will get the last laugh if he gets to drive off the lot in Jack Pearson’s Grand Wagoneer. Of course, he knows asking for a car is a little different than hoping to keep some of Toby’s wardrobe (the Hawaiian shirts!), and Sullivan’s a reasonable man. He told People:

I can't take it because it would be grand theft auto, but I've asked the producers and the powers that be if I could purchase the Pearsons' Grand Wagoneer. My wife and I have always loved those cars and that one's in good shape. It kind of is a symbol of that family and the journey the show's been on. ... I will love it, use it, honor it and take care of it. I think that's what it deserves.

It sounds like Chris Sullivan’s relationship with this car might last longer than Katoby’s marriage! It might be a long shot, but wouldn’t it be cool to see Chris Sullivan rolling up to the set of his new comedy pilot The Son in Law in that classic piece of machinery?

It’s heart-warming to think that This Is Us meant as much to the actors as it does to the fans. The meaningful props that the cast members hoped to take away from the set shows how important the past six years have been. 

Only a few episodes remain until we say goodbye to This Is Us forever (or until one of the characters’ stories becomes a spinoff). Tune in at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesdays on NBC. Lots of shows are wrapping up their seasons, so check out our spring finale schedule to make sure you’re not missing anything, and also take a look at our 2022 TV schedule to see what premieres are coming soon.

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