Travis And Jason Kelce Get Honest About How They Felt Watching Each Other Win Super Bowls

Travis and Jason Kelce on an NFL field
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Super Bowl LVII has a lot of big storylines for viewers to be invested in, but few are as sweet as the tale of the Kelce brothers. Travis Kelce will suit up for the Kansas City Chiefs as their tight end, while Jason Kelce will play center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Both are already SB champions and, of course, only one can win the big game this year. Ahead of their matchup, the siblings got honest about what it was like watching each other win their previous titles.

Travis Kelce won the Super Bowl back in 2020, just two years after Jason claimed victory with the Eagles. Jason Kelce briefly touched on what it felt like to see his brother Travis finally win a Super Bowl while speaking on New Heights With Jason & Travis Kelce. He also explained how it compares to his own experience winning the big game:

As a brother, it feels tremendously different when your brother wins. And I think when you win a Super Bowl, there's an intense amount of, like, self-gratification, and it's like, '[grunts] Feels good.' And watching your brother win, in some ways –- it's better in certain ways because it's like you're watching a loved one accomplish their dreams for the first time. It's just such an intensely opposite feeling from when you win it that you can't help but be overjoyed for someone that you love that has just done the greatest thing in their sport.

Prior to that insightful statement from his brother, Travis Kelce talked about how he finally felt "even" with his sibling when he finally won a Super Bowl ring. Jason called him out for the statement, though, and noted that Travis was widely established as one of the best NFL tight ends of all time even before his win. This part of the convo amount to a truly classic back-and-forth between the two brothers. 

Though Travis noted his feeling of finally feeling "even" with his brother upon winning, he was just as psyched to see Jason Kelce win when the Philadelphia Eagles stunned the New England Patriots back in 2018. When Jason asked if he cried watching him win the Super Bowl, Travis confirmed he was sobbing before the game was even officially over: 

I was 'Boo hoo' crying before the Hail Mary. In the Patriots game. I was like [mock crying], 'They're gonna do it! He did it! He went from jabroni to the top!'

It's impossible to know how the Kelce brothers will react after Super Bowl LVII, though their cool camaraderie on their shared podcast hints that their relationship will be just fine no matter who becomes the two-time Super Bowl champion between them. Maybe in the podcast episode following the big game, they'll just avoid talking about the even and instead focus on Rihanna's epic halftime show and all the guest singers performing as well. Check out the clip of the siblings' chat:

If you're streaming the Super Bowl halftime show and hoping to see the Kelce brothers take each other on during the big game, just know that they won't actually share the field at the same time. Both brothers are on offense for their respective teams, so one will be watching from the sidelines when the other plays.

There won't be direct brother bashing during the game, but there are still plenty of reasons to tune in, even if you aren't entirely invested in the game. We have some great commercials to look forward to that include John Travolta returning to his Grease role, Maya Rudolph as the new face of M&M's, and Ben Affleck working at Dunkin' Donuts. Combine all of that with some wholesome brotherly love, and this could wind up being a Super Bowl for the ages. I'm excited to see whether it's Jason or Travis Kelce who emerges a champion!

Super Bowl LVII airs on Fox with kickoff beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET. Tune in to see the Kelce brothers go head to head and then stick around for the return of Gordon Ramsay's Next Level Chef immediately after. 

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