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Vanderpump Rules Newcomer Brock Davies Throws Major Shade At Lala Kent Amid Relationship Woes

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Brock Davies has come a long way from being Scheana Shay's casual fling in 2019 to her now fiancé and fellow main castmate on Vanderpump Rules. So far Season 9 has documented their burgeoning relationship quite a bit, including how they're raising their first child together. But their co-star, Lala Kent, has been critical of their affairs both in-person and in confessionals. In retaliation, the Australian newcomer is now throwing major shade at Kent amid her own very public relationship woes.

In the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules that aired on December 28, Lala Kent yet again accused Brock Davies in a confessional of being financially irresponsible, but this time specifically for expecting her and then-fiancé Randall Emmett to pick up the tab for his surprise wedding plans fell through. (Ironically, Kent and Davies were thought to be burying the hatchet on their issues up until that point.) The more seasoned Bravo alum has broken off her 3-year-long engagement with Emmett in the in the interim of the offseason due to his supposed cheating with other women. And Davies is using that information as fuel in their seemingly reignited feud. He said on the Tap In w/ Harry Jowsey podcast:

It was spun out [on the show] as if I couldn’t afford to do any of this. [Lala Kent] is like, I spent so much money on like my Homebody brand, a photoshoot and all this shit. But I can’t afford to take care of my wife? Which fast forward six months to today, turns out she can’t afford to take care of her husband or fiancé. It’s not my fault, but I hear her cookie wasn’t the cookie to eat.

In essence, it would seem that Brock Davies is saying that his co-star shouldn’t have been throwing stones from a glass house. She slammed his relationship with Scheana Shay and he apparently thinks she got what was coming to her with Randall Emmett’s alleged cheating. The Give Them Lala podcast host, for her part, has said recently that many of her comments on Vanderpump Rules haven't aged well. However, her newbie co-star is not over it just yet. Davies continued:

It is what it is, you know, she said some stuff, and I’m not OK with it, you know? Do you take money from your business for your personal life? Never happens, so don’t assume that I’m going to take money to afford a nice lifestyle for you from my business’s money because I’ll never do that. Simple. And that’s where we’re at. Like, that’s the best tea you got coming for you.

Brock Davies again appears to be shading his co-star here by alluding to how Randall Emmett and his business were seemingly helping Lala Kent and her own business on the most recent episode. Davies added that the real reason his surprise wedding -- co-orchestrated by Kent and Emmett -- didn't go through was because it was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, not because he couldn't afford it or wouldn't pay for it.

In the aftermath of her breakup, the star has been frank about her struggles as a now-single mother during the holiday season. However, she also claims to be better than ever and has been encouraging other women to find financial independence from men.

Early episodes of Vanderpump Rules’ ninth season shed light on Brock Davies' past – thanks to Lala Kent – specifically about how he had a domestic violence charge from his ex-partner and hadn't seen his two kids from that relationship in years. Surprisingly, though, Scheana Shay has apparently been facilitating a reconciliation on that front. The two are still slated to have a big to-do destination wedding this year, but it's not looking as though Kent is still on the guest list.

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