Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Addresses The Women Randall Emmett Allegedly Cheated With

Lala Kent is continuing the streak of spilling all the tea concerning her split with former fiancé Randall Emmett. Not only does she claim her sex life is now much improved, but she also insinuated that her time on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules series might actually come to an end because of the breakup. The reality star has also decided to address the women of Emmett’s alleged affairs – directly – and the message is more than a little surprising.

Just prior to the end of their 3-year-long engagement, photos began circulating of Randall Emmett in Nashville with two other women. It led to a whirlwind of speculation that he was perhaps cheating on Lala Kent. Kent herself would later confirm that the pics are what prompted her to change her “Rand" tattoo and move out with their infant daughter Ocean. However, in an interview with Page Six, the Vanderpump Rules alum shared that she's actually grateful for those unnamed women, saying,

We had such little communication during the time that those photos surfaced to the time that I moved out. I say I did what I needed to do to remove myself from that home with my baby in tow…I will forever be grateful to those two girls walking across the street with [Randall Emmett] because they saved me. Those two girls, I wish I knew who they were, because I would start sobbing and tell them, ‘You saved me. Thank you so much!’

The Bravo star added that, despite Randall Emmett’s claims otherwise to her, there's still apparently “proof elsewhere” that he was unfaithful. In fact, according to Lala Kent, their relationship “was based on nothing but lies.” Emmett, who is a major Hollywood producer, has yet to speak on the allegations beyond a brief exit statement on the couple's formerly joint podcast.

Nevertheless, it would seem that Lala Kent is feeling pretty empowered by the whole ordeal. She's making money off of it, as well as advocating for women in similar situations to become financially independent themselves. Kent summed it up by stating,

I met [Randall Emmett] when I was just venturing into Vanderpump Rules, and during our time together, I really created something amazing for myself. Now I’m out here on my own, completely independent from anybody. The only way to describe it is I feel free and liberated — and the strongest I’ve ever felt in my life.

Their breakup has coincidentally been playing out in tandem with Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules airing, and many of the comments made by both Lala Kent and Randall Emmett on the show have not aged very well. Specifically, Kent has been criticizing her castmates’ relationships and defending her own by calling Emmett a “stand-up” guy. In the most recent episode, the two had a particularly awkward conversation (in hindsight) about needing to be honest in their partnership.

Everything is different in hindsight, though. Lala Kent is now taking her Randall Emmett lemons and making lemonade. While her Vanderpump Rules future is still a question mark, the reality star is taking her blunt thoughts on the road with a Give Them Lala Live: The Brand New Tour, which is slated for April to May of 2022.

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