Walker Is Giving Cordell A New Partner Following Lindsay Morgan's Exit

Ashley Reyes on Walker on The CW
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Cordell Walker has been riding solo (and struggling a bit) since the departure of his partner Micki Ramirez (played by Lindsay Morgan), but that won’t be the case much longer. A new cast member is headed to Walker to take Micki’s place and give Cordell and company some much-needed backup as they continue to fight crime. 

Ashley Reyes, who audiences might know from How I Met Your Father, is now on the cast of Walker. Deadline reported that Reyes’ character is named Cassie, and she’s meant to enter the series and serve as Cordell’s new partner. Reyes makes her debut in the upcoming episode “Nudge,” which premieres on Thursday, March 3. 

Cassie is a former Texas state trooper who takes an unconventional approach to her job and is quick to act. Based on the description of her character, it sounds like she's not exactly one to play every situation by the book, and isn't afraid to get creative when it comes to delivering justice. That's a bit different than Micki, so it'll be interesting to see how the Walker characters react to her arrival.  

It sounds like a dangerous combination considering Cordell isn’t exactly known as the most conventional sort of Ranger either. Still, there’s no denying he needs all the help he can get, even if the immediate danger plaguing him and the Texas Rangers passed with the passing of Serrano. There’s still plenty of danger ahead, and with Micki’s departure, someone like Cassie will almost certainly help pick up the slack during these hard times on Walker.  

As mentioned, Ashley Reyes’ Cassie will serve as a replacement for Lindsay Morgan’s Micki after The CW series wrote the character off. The decision came after Morgan asked to leave the series, and while explicit details of her departure aren’t known, it’s reported she had the full support of the cast and staff. Micki handed in her badge and headed home in the midseason finale, though there seemed to be an opportunity for her to return in the future. 

While Micki might not be able to return as Cordell’s partner anytime soon, Ashley Reyes enters the series as a replacement but also as a new character. This still leaves an opportunity for Walker to potentially bring back Lindsay Morgan, even if it’s in a one-off guest role in the future. For now, there’s no indication that Morgan has any plans to return to the series, but it’s good to know there’s still an avenue for her return should something come together in future episodes. 

Walker returns to The CW with new episodes beginning Thursday, March 3. It’s just one of many returning shows coming this remaining winter and upcoming spring season, and certainly, one to keep an eye on as television really kicks back into full gear. 

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