Watch Family Feud's Steve Harvey Screaming And Throwing His Card Over Contestants' Random Answers

Anyone who manages to make it onto Family Feud, from movie stars to YouTube celebs to unknown randos, is equipped with the possibility of making host Steve Harvey lose his shit, but too few contestants use those metaphorical lemons to make hilarious lemonade. Okay, so it could go down every round and STILL not happen enough, since Harvey’s reactions are consistently priceless. Such was the case when one family found it a bit “ruff” to logically answer a dog-centric survey question, which led Harvey to not only show off his high-pitch-screaming skills, but also abandon his question card in a fit of laughter. 

Without further ado(g), check out the video below, in which the Phillips family provides a roller coaster of answers that bounce from “Good” to “Bad” to “Do You Know How Dogs Communicate?” And note that it’s around the 2:15 mark that the clip reaches its card-tossing apex.

To be fair, the Family Feud writers went out on a pretty specific limb when coming up with “Name a word starting with the letter S that dogs seem to understand.” But then on the flip side, it did take the Phillips family five guesses to reach the most obvious canine command of all: to sit. What they did arrive at first, were the wrong answers “shampoo” and  “scream.” The latter inspired Harvey to shriek ever so loudly, showing off how ludicrous a guess it was. (It was on the opposite end of the aural spectrum from those sex-miming moves he showed off in a prior episode.) But then also making it seem like the host might be able to tap into sound frequencies as high-end as a dog whistle. So maybe there’s something there… 

But I think we can all agree the least functional answer given was Mamie’s particularly random guess of “Sergeant,” which instantly drew laughs out of Harvey, who had to walk away from the Phillips family to collect himself, while tossing his card away in the process.

Bless her heart, Mamie did follow up her initial guess by reasoning that “Sergeant” would be the dog’s name, which doesn’t seem like an insane explanation, though it falls back on an assumption that all dogs are named “Sergeant,” which strays a bit further out from the sanity of it all. Any way you look at it, there wasn’t any legitimate shot that her guess was going to be on the board, and nobody knew that more than the in-hysterics Steve Harvey

Though he may not have genuinely approved of Mamie’s ridiculous guess, you know what the game show icon does give his approval stamp to? Kids who have mastered the art of Steve Harvey cosplay. So anyone aiming to get on Family Feud in the future should keep that in mind. 

With the Celebrity-branded edition having wrapped up its ninth season with an extended and fall-out-of-your-chair funny episode centered on the Jackass Forever squad, Family Feud airs weekdays in syndication, so be sure to check your local listings to see when and where it plays in your area. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what else is hitting the small screen soon.

Nick Venable
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