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Watch New Amsterdam's Max Make An Unexpected Discovery In New Episode Clip

New Amsterdam has already thrown plenty of curveballs at Max Goodwin just two episodes into Season 4, and it’s safe to say that he’ll run into some more twists that he didn’t see coming while he and Helen navigate their new relationship. In fact, based on a clip from the next episode (seen above), he’s going to make an unexpected discovery that could, according to the person who created it, “fix the world.” 

And that discovery? A turnip, of all things! While Max is on the scene to serve as judge for a science fair run by Novaco, one particular entry will evidently catch his eye, and not because the student went for the flashiest display possible. In fact, it seemed to catch his eye because there weren't any bells and whistles. Max may not have won his own science fair with his can crusher back in the day, but it seems that he has an eye for truly unique creations. 

Even though her science fair display is pretty minimalist, Imani Moore's table is pretty interesting. The binder cover reveals that the subject of her project isn’t just self-grown turnips, but “turnip sutures.” Throw in her little case of tools and what looks like a turnip cross section, and it’s hard to blame Max for seemingly being intrigued. Plus, this is Max “How Can I Help?” Goodwin we’re talking about, in a season of characters trying to find their joy again after a very rough year. Of course Max is interested in what Imani has to show off!

While viewers will have to wait until the episode airs on October 5 to see whether or not Max gives her the top prize at the science fair, I for one think she deserves at least an honorable mention just for the sheer nerve of setting up such a sparse display compared to the 3D printed spinal column, the volcano complete with smoke and dinosaurs, and a fish-related project so complex that even Max didn’t catch all the details. Kudos to Imani at the very least for seeming so confident in her work that she didn't need any extras!

Whether or not her turnip can indeed fix the world remains to be seen, but it does sound like just the kind of idea that Max would want to encourage in a young person, even if he is just weeks away from leaving for London with Helen. Of course, that’s assuming that all continues going well for Max and Helen after announcing their relationship and plans to relocate across the Atlantic. The love is clearly there between them, but is that enough?

The promo for this upcoming episode of New Amsterdam suggests that Helen is about to get a rude awakening to the realities of a relationship that has moved very quickly with a man who has a young daughter. Well, it wouldn’t be New Amsterdam if the course of true love ran smoothly even for Max and Helen, and it’s clear that Max has more on his plate than just the prospect of relocating to London. Namely: turnips. Who could have guessed?

See what Max makes of his unexpected turnip discovery with the next new episode of New Amsterdam on Tuesday, October 5 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC in the fall TV lineup. A new bad guy is on the way in Season 4, and the comments from one star indicate that fans may want to start getting nervous about what her character means for the doctors of New Amsterdam, and Max in particular. 

Laura Hurley
Laura Hurley

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