What Station 19's Tragic Death Means For The Rest Of Season 5

Spoiler alert! Major spoilers ahead for the ABC crossover event including the Station 19 episode, “Things We Lost in the Fire” and Grey’s Anatomy’s “Bottle Up and Explode!”

The firefighters of Station 19 were dealt a devastating blow in the latest episode, “Things We Lost in the Fire,” when what they lost in the fire was indeed one of their own. The Seattle fire stations were thrown into chaos when a construction worker ruptured a gas line, demolishing an entire neighborhood. As the members of Stations 19 and 23 worked to treat the injured and secure the area, they were all put into harm’s way, making for a suspenseful viewing experience, as we’d already been told in the promos that someone wouldn’t survive this crossover with Grey’s Anatomy.

First Victoria Hughes was struck by a live power line, nearly killing her, but Dean Miller was able to revive her with some impressive CPR high atop the firetruck’s ladder. But as the firefighters swept the neighborhood, a second explosion occurred, severely injuring Station 23’s Captain Aquino. In the chaos of Aquino’s rescue, it was discovered that Miller had also been hit by the blast, and Ben Warren was unable to revive Miller on the way to Grey Sloan Memorial. 

Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller on Station 19

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Dean Miller, played on the ABC firefighting drama by Okieriete Onaodowan, was killed in the Seattle crossover event. Warren performed CPR while Miller continued to flatline through the end credits of Station 19. It wasn’t until 15 minutes into Grey’s Anatomy that Bailey met the ambulance outside the hospital and Warren revealed that Miller was unable to be revived. Let’s take a look at what Miller’s death means for the rest of Station 19 Season 5.

Ben Warren And Miranda Bailey Will Take Pru For Now

Dean Miller had asked Ben Warren to take custody of his daughter Pruitt if anything ever happened to him – a fact that Ben forgot to inform his wife Miranda Bailey. Bailey was more than a little apprehensive about the possibility of taking in a 2-year-old girl, especially one with biological family, and she told Ben she was afraid to fall in love with Pru only to have her taken away. What happens to Pru will definitely be a big part of the rest of Season 5, as Miller wasn’t close with his parents, and his wishes for Pru were made clear to his firefighting family.

Vic And Theo’s Relationship Is Going To Change

Vic warned Theo not to say “Happy Anniversary.” Miller never got around to telling Vic he loved her, but she figured it out in the end. It didn’t sound like she would have been willing to leave Theo anyway, but Miller’s death is definitely going to complicate that relationship. Miller had asked Vic to move to Oakland with him and Pru, and they said they loved each other after Miller saved Vic’s life. That’s not even to mention how traumatized Vic is going to be after already having lost Ripley in Season 2.

Miller’s death is also likely going to be triggering for Travis and Theo, as they also previously lost someone they loved in the line of duty — Michael, who was Travis’ husband and Theo’s best friend. Losing Miller like that on top of their close relationships to Vic is going to be tough for all three of the firefighters.

Crisis One Will Need A New Leader

Dean Miller was going to change the world. That’s what the Station 19 crew told him all the time. Hopefully someone will take up the mantle of Crisis One to continue the much-needed program in Seattle. Jack and Vic were very hands-on with the program, so maybe one of them will step up. But does that mean someone else will be moving to Oakland, as Miller had planned to?

Next week will see the firefighters attempt to move forward in what looks to be an emotional episode, titled “Little Girl Blue.” The Thanksgiving episode will see Stations 19 and 23 celebrating Thanksgiving and the families they have become. Station 19 airs at 8 p.m. ET Thursdays on ABC.

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