Why Joe Millionaire's Bromance Between Steven McBee And Kurt Sowers Is My Favorite Part Of The Show

Spoilers ahead for the February 3 episode of Joe Millionaire.

Fox’s reality dating reboot Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer sets out to help two men — millionaire Steven McBee and non-millionaire Kurt Sowers — find love with a woman who knows nothing about the size of their bank account. Let’s be honest, though. From the moment McBee and Sowers were introduced to each other, America had its love story. The two Joes hit it off immediately, and it quickly became clear that they would be each other’s biggest asset through this dating journey. Let me break down why this bromance is my favorite part of Joe Millionaire

Steven McBee And Kurt Sowers Support Each Other

Whether Steven McBee is helping Kurt Sowers navigate the intricacies of dating multiple women simultaneously, or Sowers is teaching McBee how to sound smart during a wine tasting, these two have proven they have each other’s backs from the very beginning. It seems like McBee always keeps an eye on Sowers — who has struggled to explore other connections without making frontrunner Carolyn Moore mad — in case he needs to step in, as he did when Sowers and Moore were arguing on their camping group date. 

Their support doesn’t just come through in serious times. Kurt Sowers called Steven McBee “the strangest wealthy man I know” when he found out McBee had never been to a vineyard, and their conversation before the wine tasting date was adorable.

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I don’t think these conversations are scripted — they seem so genuine — but I actually wouldn’t even care. 

The Bromance Is The Strongest Relationship That’s Formed 

At first it seems unfair to say that Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee’s relationship is stronger than anything they’ve formed with the women. Of course it is! They live in the same house, and the stakes are lower. But the two male leads having good chemistry with each other is far from a given. These were not longtime BFFs like Pauly D and Vinny on Double Shot at Love. These were strangers stuck together to date the same women, and they’re actually finding out they’re interested in some of the same women. 

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The fact that these guys can laugh it off when they realize they like the same women, rather than get competitive, speaks volumes about their self-confidence, and I am all in for that kind of positivity. 

They Tell Each Other Like It Is, For Better Or Worse

Steven McBee has had to give Kurt Sowers some hard truths about Carolyn Moore. He even said before one of the eliminations that he didn’t like how she was manipulating Sowers. It worries me a little that could cause some friction in the bromance down the line. Not to mention that they named three women they were both interested in pursuing. That’s all fine and good when there are eight or nine women remaining, but those mutual decisions they have to make come elimination time could start to get tense. 

That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing though. I did tune in expecting (and hoping for) some drama, and what’s a true love story without an obstacle to overcome? I mean, they’ve already established the worst-case scenario, and it doesn’t sound all that bad, to be honest.

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Seriously, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer is doing bromance right. Tune in for more Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers at 8 p.m. ET on Thursdays on Fox. Also be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what shows are premiering soon. 

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