Jersey Shore's Pauly D And Vinny Poke Fun At The Bachelor In First Trailer For MTV Dating Show

As the world waits for Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation to get a concrete release date, MTV has another Shore-based show to "tide" fans over on Jerzdays. Remember that dating show Vinny and Pauly D would be heading up? Well, first look for Double Shot of Love just dropped, and these two are apparently gearing up to give the world the bro equivalent of The Bachelor. Take a look.

If Vinny and Pauly D actually hand out roses that are colored like the Italian flag in each episode, I will legitimately die of laughter. The cut sleeves and the duck phone cameo pair quite well with The Bachelor's signature font and white promo background, and the reality duo's goofiness throughout hints this show might be a slice of fried gold from start to finish.

If nothing else, Double Shot Of Love may be the ultimate chaser for those still disappointed by Colton's fence-jumping run on the ABC series. And at least they didn't call it The Bro-chelor, since that sound gross when said aloud.

Double Shot At Love is sorta similar to The Bachelor in its competitive style, but the dynamic duo of Pauly D and Vinny presents an interesting opportunity for the 20 female contestants. Both men will get to decide who is eliminated, but it's the women who will choose which man they wish to pursue. This could present some potential awkwardness should Vinny like a girl that's into Pauly, or vice-versa. Will situations like this cause a rift in the two's long-running bromance?

Double Shot At Love marks the second time Pauly D will be on a dating show in 2019, as the DJ was already on MTV's Game of Clones earlier in the year. There, Pauly admitted Megan Fox is his celebrity crush, and was surprised with a room full of women who all were dolled up as the actress. Pauly had a good time, but he didn't exactly find love on that program. Will things be different here?

Unlike many of their Jersey Shore co-stars, both Pauly D and Vinny have managed to stay single long enough to get to this point. Pauly D had a very public relationship with Aubrey O'Day that ended a couple years back. Pauly D told People a year later he "dodged a bullet' and was happy to be out. Pauly didn't go into explicit details as to why things fell apart, although their particular season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars laid out a lot of their problems.

Vinny was in a committed relationship throughout Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1, although his actions at a club started an inside joke about "cheating" that caused some drama. The couple were split up by the time Season 1 aired, although Vinny maintained the events in Season 1 had absolutely nothing to do with it. His ex told a different story, in a series of now-deleted Instagram posts (via US Weekly) that showed the experience clearly affected her.

Things are looking a lot more positive on MTV's Double Shot At Love, though, which premieres on Thursday, April 11, with back to back episodes being teased for the premiere. Keep with CinemaBlend for more on the show, as well as other relevant Jersey Shore updates such as the unexpected person who may appear in Season 3.

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