Why One Of WWE's Announcers Is Stepping Away From The Commentary Table

The WWE lost a lot of talent in the past year, and it's happening yet again, at least from an on-camera perspective. Beth Phoenix played an integral role to NXT as one of the faces on its commentary team, but her run as a ringside commentator is over for now. Luckily, fans haven't been left in the dark on this sudden announcement, as Phoenix let all her fans know exactly why she’s stepping away from the commentary table at NXT, and it thankfully wasn't a blindsided firing.

Beth Phoenix is technically still part of the NXT commentary team at the time of writing, but according to her announcement on social media, her time ends this Sunday at the pay-per-view War Games. Phoenix expressed gratitude to all those who she worked with over the past few years and clarified her role within the WWE going forward. 

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WWE fans won’t see Beth Phoenix behind the commentary table on NXT as 2021 gives way to the new year, but she still will be involved in the company in other ways. This reduced role creates an opportunity for Phoenix to spend more time with her family, which may be important as her husband, WWE superstar Edge, recently returned to the WWE on Monday Night Raw. The couple shares two children together, Lyric Rose and Ruby Ever Copeland. 

NXT welcomed former WWE Superstar Beth Phoenix on as a full-time commentator back in May of 2019. The current lineup of commentators (Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Vic Joseph) have been working together since August of 2020. The trio is a high-point of NXT programming, so it will be a little sad to see the group break up. 

It’s not known when we’ll see Beth Phoenix on-camera again in the WWE beyond War Games, though fans are already speculating it could happen sooner than later. The Miz recently returned to Monday Night Raw after his stint on Dancing with the Stars and started a feud with Edge on the same night he returned. Miz is also married to another WWE Superstar, Maryse, which has led to speculation the WWE could set up a mixed-tag team match between the two couples. If that were to happen, it would be the first time Edge and Phoenix ever teamed up in a ring together, which would be pretty cool. Phoenix did wrestle a match back in 2020 during the women’s Royal Rumble event, so it’s not a stretch to believe another match is in her future.

Beth Phoenix joined the WWE as a wrestler in 2005 and went on to be a one-time Diva’s Champion and three-time Women’s Champion with years as a dominant competitor in the brand. Phoenix’s nickname was “The Glamazon,” which she complemented with a headband that resembled a style similar worn by the fictional superhero Wonder Woman. Phoenix holds the honor as the youngest person to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at the age of 36. 

NXT’s War Games will stream on Peacock on Sunday night starting at 7:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see Beth Phoenix’s final NXT show as a commentator, as well as some great matches from the future of WWE.

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