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Why Schitt’s Creek Star Dan Levy Isn’t The Biggest Fan Of The Show’s Most Popular Catchphrase

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There are few shows that are able to achieve the status of cult classic and have each character (and their respective actor) become a comedic icon in their own right. However, Schitt’s Creek definitely makes that coveted list. Dan Levy’s award-winning, debut series about the riches to rags story of the Rose family is packed with golden gems of comedy and has spurred a number of catchphrases that fans have latched onto. While it’s certainly a good sign when a show is quotable, Levy apparently isn’t a huge fan of the series’ most popular catchphrase, and he’s revealed the exact reason why that’s the case.

The final season of Schitt’s Creek dropped over a year ago, but fans are still reveling in the glory that is the duo of Dan Levy’s David and sister Alexis. Fan-made products with Levy’s face followed by one of his many memorable quotes are all over Amazon and Etsy, but it’s one line in particular that might just “haunt him for the rest of his life” – “Ew, David,” which was uttered throughout the series by Annie Murphy’s Alexis Rose. 

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Dan Levy explained why he isn’t too thrilled about fans quoting the “Ew, David” line so frequently. And his reason is definitely understandable. This is what the Happiest Season star says, exactly:

It's resulted in a sort of tagline that I think will haunt me for the rest of my life. 'Ew' is not necessarily something you want screamed at you in your most vulnerable time.

What makes this particularly funny is that neither Dan Levy nor David Rose do anything that should really warrant an “Ew.” Alexis is honestly just a little (okay, very) dramatic. She says the word to basically anything that costs less than a Prada bag and uses it when acknowledging something that she can’t do in heels; it’s pretty much the opposite of Paris Hilton’s “That’s hot.”  Actually, Alexis Rose would probably have fit in pretty well with Paris and her posse if she had been around in 2005 and, well, actually existed. 

In addition to her many “Ews”, she uses David’s name practically whenever she can. There are plenty of compilations of scenes in which she refers to her brother unnecessarily, and it’s amazing that something that simple can be so funny. It’s no wonder the combination of the two exclamations have become the best known catchphrase from the series.

But what really makes the usage of the phrase is David’s reaction to them. Dan Levy is super talented in a number of things, and his ability to create humorous facial expressions is certainly a beloved asset. In a way, it’s pretty fitting that the actor, like his character, doesn’t appear to love having “Ew, David” thrown his way.

Fans mourned when the series ended after six seasons, at least I know that I did, and it’s largely due to the many lovable characters and their interactions with one another. Not all is lost, though, as Dan Levy is just getting the ball rolling on his career and we can expect plenty more from him in the future, maybe even another visit to Schitt’s Creek via a movie.