Why The Masked Singer’s Baby Chose To Sing That Opera-Infused Version Of The Flintstones Theme Song

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Spoilers for The Masked Singer lie ahead.

When it comes to performing on The Masked Singer, choosing the right song is just as important as being able to work the stage. A wrong tune can often lead to contestants being eliminated before their time. That was the case for the Baby, who was revealed to be comedian and actor Larry the Cable Guy. After his surprise elimination, the comedian spoke on what lead to his operatic version of The Flintstones theme song.

Anyone who’s watched the animated classic can recognize the beloved theme from its first notes. Larry the Cable Guy, however, clearly chose to take the iconic song to a new place. Still, the comedic actor proved he has a decent voice and showed that the song fit right in his wheelhouse. The stand-up comic said about doing a different spin on the TV tune:

I knew the words. [Laughs] No. Ever since I was a kid, I loved singing like that, it's fun. You walk around the house and you just pop into Gilligan's Island, or something, and you just make a funny version of it. But I've been doing that since I was a kid. And one time on The Tonight Show a long time ago, they had a bit where they said you had to do something different to earn your plugs while you're on the show. And I did an operatic version of ‘Armour Hot Dogs.’ And I've just always done that. I think it's funny. It's different.

Given that he's done an operatic take on a song before, singing “Meet the Flintstones” wasn’t abnormal for him. The performance actually allowed him to combine his singing talent with his comedic chops. His past experience with off-the-wall takes on songs was sure to serve as a source of comfort for him, unlike his costume. The comedian revealed even more to Entertainment Weekly about why he took a chance with the Flintstones song:

I'm a comedian, so I was just going for something fun, something completely different, something that would just be entertaining. Something that people will talk about the next day and go, ‘Man, you know, that operatic version of The Flintstones theme was Larry the Cable Guy, who would have thought?’ That kind of thing. So that's all I was going for. I wanted to fool the panel, which I did. So, everything I wanted to do, I got done.

For contestants, fooling The Masked Singer panel is the best part of participating in the show. Larry the Cable Guy's first and final performances threw them off from the beginning, as they threw out names like Chuck Norris and James Corden. All in all, the performer proved to be a delightfully baffling presence for the judges, which made the viewing experience that much better. Check out his interpretation of The Flintstones theme below:

Though Baby was eliminated, viewers can still root for the remaining contestants like Hamster, Skunk and Mallard in the coming weeks. The next episode will feature Group B showcasing their talents once more. To see who gets eliminated next week, you can watch The Masked Singer Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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