Yellowstone Season 5 Unveils First Look Video With A Big Promise For Fans, And Kayce And Jamie Look The Most Worried

After three successful and acclaimed seasons on Paramount Network, Yellowstone saw its popularity explode going into Season 4, with viewers making it the most-watched cable series in years, with numbers that essentially matched the best that broadcast TV has to offer. The Taylor Sheridan co-creation looks to eclipse those already high marks with the upcoming super-sized Season 5, which has at last delivered a first look at the dramatic next chapter in the Dutton family saga. And as seen in the video above, Yellowstone is promising fans that all will be revealed after its two-hour season premiere arrives, even if it’s not immediately obvious what the “all” in that vow is referring to. 

Since the video is a textbook example of a TV teaser, only giving fans a second or two with each of the main characters, let’s take a quick dive through how the “All Will Be Revealed” claim could affect each of them following the events of Season 4’s wild finale.

Beth Dutton

The only Yellowstone character to appear twice in the Season 5 teaser, Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton remains as vital as ever now that she’s largely mended fences with her father. The actress herself has said things start off pretty well for Beth in the new season, thanks in part to her renewed power over her black-sheep sibling Jamie, as well as being married to the love of her life. Considering she’s even handling quasi-parenting duties with Rip, Beth’s is in a pretty good spot specifically where her family is involved, and thus doesn’t look overly concerned in the teaser as she turns to the camera. 

What Beth should be worried about, though, are the war plans being set up by Jacki Weaver’s Caroline Warner, who delivered arguably the most effective threat in Yellowstone’s run so far in saying she would replace the Dutton’s family house with a public restroom (among other, harsher comments). Beth’s handling of the Market Equities situation certainly hasn’t been all above board, and she’s obviously connected to Jamie murdering his biological father, and those are just her most recent transgressions. So if all of her skeletons are allowed to leave the closet, expect for Beth to enter scorched-earth mode by the midseason finale. 

Jamie Dutton

Yellowstone star Wes Bentley’s skills at appearing worried and concerned aren’t celebrated enough; I can only think of a few scenes from the show in which Jamie was completely comfortable and didn’t necessarily need to arch his eyebrows in fear of being accosted by a drunk and enraged Beth. Now, going into Season 5, he has even more blood on his hands to hide from others, and it belonged to possibly the one person who truly sympathized with Jamie. Even though he has his own kid now that presumably doesn’t hate him yet, Jamie’s future is one without an abundance of peers. 

Not only does he have to worry about someone snooping around for Will Patton’s Garrett Randall, whose body now rests uncomfortably now outside of Montana, but Jamie is now back under Beth and John’s ruling thumbs, which almost definitely won’t go well for him. So I have to imagine the face we see in the teaser above will be Bentley’s resting face until his character finds a way to gain back some independence. Oh, and let’s not forget that Beth also has the dangling threat of telling Rip about Jamie’s role in her abortion and sterilization, which could only end in Jamie being dragged across the state behind Rip’s truck. 

Kayce Dutton

While Jamie likely has the most to worry about from a “will I live to see my child grow up?” perspective, Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton came out of the Season 4 finale stressed out about his marriage with Monica, which is very likely heading for the skids. Granted, it’s hard to specifically pick up on every single idea that was laid out during his vision quest — in which guest star Dave Annable provided a nightmarish return for Lee Dutton — but Kayce’s thoughts about another woman only helped to further the idea that he realizes his marriage may not be built to last, which Grimes spoke to in a post-finale interview. Which isn’t exactly the biggest shocker after a season that featured Monica directly telling Kayce that she hated him, but still. There’s still a Tate to think about. 

In that context, Kayce will likely be the one playing into the idea that “All Will Be Revealed,” and while we obviously can’t say for sure at the moment what his anguished look is about in the Season 5 teaser, it’s a safe bet that Monica and/or Tate is involved. Because it’s more than just anger and revenge on display, and it hearkens back to his mindset back in Season 2 when Tate was kidnapped by the Beck brothers. (Some months back, Neal McDonough did tease that viewers didn’t actually witness Malcolm Beck’s death, and what would be wilder than having him return just to kidnap Tate again?) 

Rip Wheeler

Let's be real here. We all know Rip isn't worried about himself, and will always keep the safety of his surrogate family members as a prime motivator. So I'd wager that if all of his and Beth's biggest secrets were revealed, Rip's biggest worry would be whether he's carrying enough rifle ammo or not, and how many knuckles he might break against someone's skull. Now let's move on to John.

John Dutton

The final shot of Yellowstone’s Season 5 teaser is a bit of a loaded moment, as it comes not only after “All Will Be Revealed” takes over the screen, but also after fans hear Kevin Costner’s John offering up this voiceover dialogue:

We’ll show the world who we are, and what we do.

 We see John walking down an unidentifiable hallway with Beth and Wendy Moniz-Grillo’s Governor Lynelle Perry, who’s basically been John’s absentee significant other outside of Piper Perabo’s Summer, with what appears to be a group of officers and other officials in tow. My only guess is that it has something to do with John’s previously announced intention to run for Montana governor, since John doesn’t tend to handle his dirty work around that many people who could put him in prison. But then what in the world could he “reveal” in that context that would have that big of an impact?

Whatever it is, no one looks as outwardly worried as Jamie and Kayce did. John and Lynelle are definitely stern and serious, but I don’t get the feeling that anyone is about to incriminate themselves on a grand scale. They just look like they’re about to talk to a big crowd and don’t have time for smiles and nonsense. But I dare say Beth looks ready for some shenanigans, as she appears to be withholding a confident smirk to the best of her abilities. Maybe whatever they’re about to do is part of what’s arching Jamie’s eyebrows. 

To get fans and potential new viewers back in the Yellowstone mindset, Paramount Network is gearing up for a massive Labor Day weekend marathon. Each day from Friday, September 2, through Monday, September 5, episodes will begin airing at 11:00 a.m. ET. Which, coincidentally, is the perfect time to start drinking for Beth Dutton; or to finish drinking from the night before. 

Have a drink in hand (if it’s your preference) when Yellowstone gets back to earning some of the best ratings on TV when Season 5 debuts on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13. For those who won’t be around for the marathon, all four seasons of the western drama can be streamed with a Peacock subscription

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