Yellowstone's Hassie Harrison Rocked Heart-Shaped Halter Top Fangirling For Co-Stars Ryan Bingham And Luke Grimes

Even though the future of Yellowstone is currently up in the air, thanks to reports of behind-the-scenes conflicts over scheduling, at least some members of its ensemble cast have found ways to stay close with one another while doing what they love. Hassie Harrison, for instance, was recently confirmed to be in an official relationship with her on-screen love interest Ryan Bingham, and the actress spent part of the weekend cheering on not just her musician beau, but also their co-star Luke Grimes, as they both performed during this year’s Stagecoach festival.

Sunday, April 30, was clearly the time for party-friendly Yellowstone fans to be bopping around Indio, California. The day’s star-studded lineup included both the aforementioned Luke Grimes and Ryan Bingham as well as one of Season 5’s newest recruits, Lainey Wilson, the CMA’s reigning Female Vocalist of the Year. And the in-attendance Hassie Harrison was dressed to the heart-shaped gills, as she showed off matching halter-top and shorts, complete with the appropriate cutouts. She hit up Instagram Stories with a shot of herself and Bianca Rodrigues standing outside Grimes’ trailer. (The latter two have been married since 2018.) 

Hassie Harrison and Bianca Rodrigues outside Luke Grimes' trailer at Stagecoach

(Image credit: Hassie Harrison Instagram)

I would be doing the world harm if I tried to downplay the enjoyment of saying “Hark, Happy Hassie Harrison in a haltered heart,” so go ahead and try it out. Now, back to the pics. 

Harrison shared a video of Luke Grimes during his set, and was happy to namecheck Yellowstone when doing so.

Luke Grimes performing on stage at Stagecoach

(Image credit: Hassie Harrison Instagram)

She also shared a clip from the side of the stage as her sweetie pie Ryan Bingham performed, with the words "He cute" splashed across the vid, as well as another video of them together riding in a cart. Ever the casanova, Bingham took the moment to compliment his heart-emblazoned boo.

  • Hassie: It’s hot.
  • Ryan: Hell yeah, it’s hot. Have you seen yourself lately?

The actress did share a permanent Stagecoach-geared post on her Instagram page, in which her full heart-ified outfit is on display, as well as Bingham's non-surprisingly non-pink-and-purple outfit. As well as a bottle of booze. And also some pizza. 

If those weren't heart-shaped pepperonis...then I'd understand, since the food at Stagecoach probably wouldn't be themed specifically to Hassie Harrison's clothing. That might be ripe inspiration for a Twilight Zone story. 

In any case, it looked like Harrison and Bingham had a blast. It's unclear whether or not they would have been able to hit up Stagecoach for a weekend of fun had Yellowstone been in the thick of filming the remaining Season 5 episodes. But no reason to wonder about it, since it clearly isn't matching up with reality. 

And since we've already brought up one of Yellowstone's on-screen romances, as well as country superstar Lainey Wilson, it's worth taking a trip to Ian Bohen’s Instagram page, as he was on-hand for her Stagecoach set, as indicated below.

Lainey Wilson performing at Stagecoach

(Image credit: Ian Bohen Instagram)

Assuming things don't completely implode with Kevin Costner, Taylor Sheridan could conceivably set up an entire Yellowstone-themed festival, given how many people tied to the franchise are legitmate musicians. Not that it couldn't still happen without Costner's band, what with 1883's Tim McGraw and Faith Hill around as ideal headliners. But I guess finishing up Season 5 is more important for now. 

Hassie Harrison fans can also catch the actress in Broken Lizard’s latest feature, the Middle Ages-set comedy Quasi, alongside her former Tacoma F.D. co-stars. It's currently available to stream with a Hulu subscription.

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