Ben Affleck Reveals He Once Asked JLo If Fame ‘Bothers’ Her In First Trailer For Brand New Netflix Doc

Being a celebrity can be a tricky thing; while there's fame and fortune, A-listers are also stripped of their anonymity. Jennifer Lopez knows this all too well, as her romantic life has been making headlines for decades at this point. Her life will be explored in the upcoming Netflix documentary Halftime, which will also feature Ben Affleck. And in the trailer for the doc, Affleck reveals once Once asked JLo if fame "bothers" her.

The trailer for Halftime can be seen above, and sets the stage for Jennifer Lopez's upcoming Netflix documentary. It seemingly follows the time before her 2020 show at the Super Bowl, as well as the reception (and Oscar snub) for Hustlers. We'll just have to wait and see how much screen time Ben Affleck ultimately gets. In this clip he reveals that he asked her about fame, and that JLO responded with "I expected this."

The trailer for Halftime shows Jennifer Lopez as she's in the middle of rehearsals for her iconic Super Bowl show. The consummate professional is shown getting herself ready, while also helping to direct her ensemble of dancers. From there things pan out, as we get a glimpse of what JLO's life has been for her many years in the spotlight.  

As Jennifer Lopez reveals, sometimes it's hard not to believe the things that are being written and said about you. We hear and see brief clips that have come out about JLO and her personal and professional life over the years. This includes a jab from none other than late night host Jimmy Kimmel. You can really see how the public's perception of the singer-actress has morphed and changed throughout the years.

jennifer lopez hustlers

(Image credit: STX Films)

From there the focus goes to Jennifer Lopez's acclaimed performance in
Lorene Scafaria's 2019 movie Hustlers. That dramedy was a massive hit when it arrived in both theaters and early festival appearances like The Toronto International Film Festival. Oscar buzz started growing for JLO, and we see a clip of her hoping to get that recognition from the film academy. Unfortunately, she was ultimately snubbed, which will presumably be a plot point throughout Halftime's runtime.

While the footage for this Halftime trailer is fairly limited, one message that is shared is just how hard of a worker Jennifer Lopez is. We see her work ethic at the gym, promoting Hustlers, and (of course) rehearsing for the Super Bowl show.

In the end we all got to see how the hard work paid off at the Super Bowl, with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's show being a massive hit back in 2020. And following that recognition, she'd go on to sing at the Presidential Inauguration. And given her deal at Netflix and notable reunion with Ben Affleck, smart money says the JLO headlines aren't going anywhere anytime soon. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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