Channing Tatum Takes The Stage (Shirtless And Wet) For The Final Time In First Trailer For Magic Mike’s Last Dance

We’re full steam ahead towards the holiday season, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, part of the night would see couples going to see a movie agreed upon by both parties. In terms of the 2023 new movie releases, the choice has pretty much been made, as Magic Mike’s Last Dance sends Channing Tatum back to the stage for the final time, shirtless and wet. 

Warner Bros revealed the first trailer from what looks like an epic end to the Magic Mike trilogy, and it’s as steamy as you’d think. Steven Soderbergh’s directing return to the series he helped make famous roughly a decade ago sees “Magic” Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) being seduced out of bartending and back into what could be one last showstopping gig.

Considering the person who’s responsible for this is played by none other than Salma Hayek, can you really blame either of these people for wanting to partner up? Especially when it involves a trip to London to make it all happen, and some tender ab touching from Ms. Hayek? I didn't think so.

The same wit and heat that made Magic Mike and its sequel Magic Mike XXL such massive hits is very much present for this upcoming threequel. And as promised, this new footage includes Channing Tatum getting soaked and shirtless in the middle of his next dance-filled enterprise. If there was any promise this movie had to keep, it'd certainly be the one where Mr. Tatum shows off his chiseled form early, and often.

At the same time, the drama of Magic Mike’s Last Dance jeopardizes the fun that Mike Lane’s comeback is supposed to be all about. Salma Hayek’s wealthy backer seems to have some problems that could shut the show down, which sees Tatum’s franchise lead boosting her confidence despite those forces at play. If this is to be the final act for Channing Tatum’s iconic character, it’s certainly going to be a hard fought victory. 

We’d previously learned that this movie was supposed to be an HBO Max exclusive. However, seeing this trailer definitely informs what we know about Magic Mike’s Last Dance, and why it's now theatrical release. There’s just no way this movie isn’t going to bring Channing Tatum fans old and new out to the movies, and it looks like this is too wild to enjoy without a crowd going nuts. 

Magic Mike’s Last Dance takes the stage on February 10, 2023, only in theaters. Though this movie might not be the streaming exclusive it was once slated as, you can see the first two Magic Mike movies on that very platform where it was intended to drop. An HBO Max subscription will help you cut the line, cross the rope and get the best seats to Channing Tatum and his pals doing what they do best.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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