Will Smith Delivers Dramatic Version Of Fresh Prince Theme Song In First Look At Bel-Air

For over a year now, Fresh Prince fans have been treated to teases regarding the upcoming reboot, Bel-Air. The Peacock series is set to serve as a dramatic “reimagining” of the classic ‘90s sitcom and, from what we’ve heard so far, it’s aiming to update certain elements in interesting ways. Many have been eagerly awaiting a first look at the Will Smith-produced show, and they finally have it in the form of a newly released clip. While it doesn’t reveal much in the way of footage, it does gift fans with a dramatic version of the iconic theme song. 

“Yo Home to Bel-Air,” performed by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, is one of the catchiest tunes to ever emanate from a television set. Its appropriately fresh beat and sweet lyrics mesh together perfectly. But up until this point, I never knew I needed to hear the theme song played on a piano. In the Bel-Air teaser above, the music ominously plays over a sequence that sees Will Smith (played by Jabari Banks) submerged in a large pool before seeking his throne. Though it’s pretty straightforward, it paints a solid picture of what the creative team is going for.

As of right now, it’s yet to be confirmed if this will be the official theme song for the new series. But if it is, I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing it whenever I tune into a new episode. It’s not the fast-paced track that it’s predecessor is, but such a smooth tune could still prove to be an earworm for viewers. 

Bel-Air is adapted from the 2019 short film of the same name, which was crafted by filmmaker Morgan Cooper. Fans across the Internet were captivated by Cooper’s somber take on the west Philly native who moves to California to live with his rich relatives. The video eventually caught the attention of Will Smith, who worked with the director to make the show a reality. Smith serves as executive producer alongside Cooper, Terence Carter, James Lassiter, Miguel Melendez, Quincy Jones, Benny Medina, and OG Fresh Prince creators Andy & Susan Borowitz. Meanwhile,  T.J. Brady and Rasheed Newson serve as co-showrunners. Peacock has picked the show up for two seasons, which indicates the streamer has some serious confidence in it.

Considering that the original show is so beloved and “iconic” (as eloquently stated by the great Daphne Maxwell Reid), some may honestly be skeptical of this revamp. Though members of the original cast seem to be on board. Maxwell Reid previously told CinemaBlend that she was interested in seeing how the producers would pull it off. Tatyana Ali even took it a step further by calling the new series a “brilliant” idea. Carlton Banks actor Alfonso Ribeiro also seems open to the idea, though he’s made it clear that he views it strictly as a “reimagining.”

It’s hard to argue with the actor, as this new teaser suggests that Will Smith and his team are aiming to shake things up a bit. But at its core, it still has the same premise and will likely exude Black excellence just as its ‘90s predecessor did.

Bel-Air is set to premiere on Peacock sometime in 2022. 

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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