4 Big Signs The WWE Will Soon Break Up The Bloodline

Roman Reigns on SmackDown looking upset
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Survivor Series came and went, and despite all the adversity they faced before the pay-per-view, The Bloodline stood tall. Now, with no other major upcoming WWE events in 2022, it looks like Roman Reigns and The Usos will remain champs through the end of the year. With this said, it’s clear there are some cracks in The Bloodline, and I can definitely see some big signs the WWE is working toward breaking up the band.

Ahead of the big pay-per-view -- and spoilers -- Kevin Owens attempted to convince Sami Zayn to turn on The Bloodline with the argument they'll eventually betray him. The conversation was overheard by Jey Uso, who already wasn't a fan of Sami's inclusion into the group, so he took that information to Roman Reigns. Reigns and Zayn talked it out, but it wasn't until Zayn thwarted Owens' one opportunity at winning the War Games match that The Bloodline seemed convinced Zayn's commitment to the faction was real. Even Jey Uso was emotional and embraced Zayn in what felt like a big hatchet-burying moment.  

Sure, Sami Zayn proved his loyalty and hugged it out with Jey Uso, but there’s more happening lately that suggests The Bloodline is facing some big problems that aren’t easily fixed. For those unaware of the fractures at the moment, let’s talk out some of the things happening, and how they could all come together soon and end the most dominant faction of the WWE as we know it.  

Sami Zayn addresses Jey Uso during a disagreement in the ring.

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Kevin Owens' Attempts To Get Through To Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens was ultimately unsuccessful in convincing his old pal Sami Zayn to turn on The Bloodline, but that’s not surprising. Besides the fact that life has been great for Zayn since he became an “Honorary Uce,” Owens hasn’t really been the best friend to Zayn in their long friendship. Hell, under most circumstances I'd say not trusting Owens is the right call, so I don't blame Zayn for what he did.  

Even so, we know that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have a strong history that can’t be denied. These guys go back long before their days in the WWE, and that’s gotta count for something. Owens might’ve failed at pulling Zayn away for now, but is Zayn’s heart so cold he’ll permanently turn his back on a friend for The Bloodline? 

Let’s also consider there are currently rumors that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will reunite and challenge The Usos at WrestleMania 39. Rumors in the wrestling world are just that until they happen, but it’ll certainly be worth watching how Zayn and Owens continue to interact in the coming months. 

Solo Sikoa in NXT

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Solo Sikoa's Attitude After The Survivor Series Win

Solo Sikoa is billed as the apple that fell far from the Anoa’i family tree, which makes it weird that he fell in line so readily alongside Roman Reigns and the Usos as part of The Bloodline. You’d think someone like returnee Solo Sikoa would feel slighted that his wrestling family wasn’t there for him at all until he came to Reign’s aid at Clash at the Castle. Furthermore, he has to feel a bit of a sting that he’s the only blood relative of the faction without a title and no clear title opportunities on the horizon. 

Given all of that, is it any surprise that Solo Sikoa didn’t have a finger raised at the end of Survivor Series, or even on the latest Monday Night Raw? It’s certainly plausible that Solo is wanting to know when it’ll be his time to shine, especially after his successful run in NXT. Solo joining The Bloodline has certainly benefitted his comrades, but has it really helped him out since arriving in the WWE? 

In reality, Solo’s family ties and early Bloodline inclusion likely did wonders for his eventual individual run on the main roster. I’d say it’s just a matter of time before the WWE decides that he’s good to go on his own, and we get a true taste of how well Solo Sikoa can shine when standing on his own. 

The Usos talking smack in a WWE ring.

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The Usos Aren’t On The Same Page

Jimmy and Jey Uso didn’t become one of the most dominant tag teams in WWE history out of sheer luck. The best tag teams are often in sync and the identical twin brothers have largely stayed on top of the tag-team division over the years because they move as if they’re the same person. By and large, The Usos haven’t really disagreed about anything, but that changed a lot when Sami Zayn came into the picture. 

Jimmy and Jey certainly had differing opinions on Sami Zayn being a part of The Bloodline, though admittedly, it didn’t impact their championship run all that much. They’re still standing tall at the top of the mountain, and seem more secure than ever after Zayn proved his loyalty at Survivor Series. 

Still, no tag team champions can remain dominant indefinitely. Even when The Usos are solid, they’re just one bad match away from another up-and-coming tag team to take away their beloved titles. Now, imagine if they have some big dust-up before a big title match and are off their game when it matters most? Those titles are gone, and it could take a while for The Usos to get back on top if they’re dealing with internal drama. 

Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38

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Roman Reigns Has Looked Vulnerable These Past Few Months

I think it’s fair to say at this point that Roman Reigns is the real deal when it comes to being one of the most dominant Undisputed champions of all time. Most of Roman Reigns' latest major title defenses haven’t been definitive victories. He only barely escaped the insanity of his match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and would’ve lost to Drew McIntyre had it not been for Solo Sikoa. Hell, he even took a beating in a match with Logan Paul, which he should’ve ended pretty quickly. 

The writing on the wall is clear. Roman Reigns’ success is not sustainable, and his days as the Undisputed Universal champion are numbered. With guys like Cody Rhodes likely set to return in the next month or so, and returning contenders like Bray Wyatt slowly gaining momentum, he should have some major contenders vying for that belt come WrestleMania 39, and I’m not sure he has what it takes to beat either of those men. 

This is especially true if the Bloodline isn’t wholly intact, as they’ve all played a part in helping Roman Reigns hold his spot as Head of the Table for a while now. With them out of the mix he’d just have Paul Heyman to rely on, and let’s be honest, Heyman only sticks with winners. If I were Roman Reigns, I’d work really hard on ensuring the rest of The Bloodline feels secure in their roles, and less time giving out orders and demanding everyone fall in line. Even the strongest factions of WWE have fallen after one big incident, and The Bloodline’s house of cards looks set to collapse in a few key areas. 

For now, The Bloodline reigns supreme in the WWE, but we’ll see what comes in 2023 as WrestleMania season nears. There’s no way they make it through 2023 intact, but is there a chance they’ll hold on for the big event in Hollywood? 

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