A Guy Told WWE Star Kevin Owens To Get His Own Finisher, And Kevin Owens Finished Him With An All-Time Response

Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw
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WWE superstars are used to getting called out by their peers all the time, and can usually settle such issues by stepping into the ring to battle it out. Things are a bit different when wrestlers have to deal with mouthy fans on the internet, where the athletes can’t just put naysayers through a table for trying to insult them. Which isn’t to say wrestlers still can’t deliver all-time verbal smackdowns on social media, and Kevin Owens did just that after a fan sarcastically criticized him for re-using a popular finisher. 

The whole ordeal started when Kevin Owens uploaded a clip of himself talking on Monday Night Raw about how he’s “as real as it gets” in the business. Well, one fan clearly didn’t agree with that take, as Twitter user Brett Myall responded shortly after, noting that Owens uses other wrestlers finishing moves:

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As WWE viewers know, Kevin Owens has used “The Stunner” as his finishing move for quite some time. While it’s not entirely uncommon for superstars to use similar finishers, Owens is using one of wrestling's most revered moves, which was obviously first popularized by Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Attitude Era. Owens, who still uses the move even after his beating from Austin, clapped back at his critic on Twitter in a mild way at first, saying: 

Nobody else does everyone’s finishing move…I’m a trailblazer, Brett.

Unfortunately, or perhaps the opposite, Brett Myall wasn’t phased by Kevin Owens’ smart response and decided to double down on his insult. He proceeded to call Owens a “follower” and told him to “trailblaze” a new finishing move. That caused the former Universal Champion to take the kid gloves off, and full-on roast the fan by hilariously recreating Myall's profile picture, while also adding an extra letter to his own name. 

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I used to think Becky Lynch was the all-time great when it came to roasting other people on Twitter, but Kevin Owens did something special here in showing just how hyperbolic he could get when it comes to mimicking others. (Alexa Bliss’ response to a fan might still outweigh it, but that debate is for another time.) This is the type of pettiness that’s perfect for Owens' persona, but also hilarious in general, since I’m sure the judgy fan didn’t think he’d catch any significant flak for taking pot shots at Owens. 

I guess it’s fair to say what Owens did could be seen as a bit mean and over the top, even without being so directly insulting. But then this is exactly the kind of shit Owens does on Monday Night Raw to anyone who crosses him. So I guess the moral of the story is not to poke the bear, regardless of what others animals' actions the bear might be copying.

Kevin Owens’ current WWE storyline is interesting, as his recent tussle with Drew McIntyre teased he could be involved in the main event at the upcoming Clash At The Castle pay-per-view. With Owens allegedly still with the WWE for a chunk of time following his contract renewal, one has to wonder if we’ll be seeing him chasing major titles and “copying” people for some time to come.

Kevin Owens is a regular on Monday Night Raw on USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Anyone with a Peacock premium subscription can check out his best work on there, and should hold onto it because I’m sure there are many more amazing matches from him to come.

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