After Kurt Angle Made Viral Claims About Hulk Hogan’s Health, His Rep Claps Back

Hulk Hogan on Raw XXX on USA Network
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Hulk Hogan fought many battles in his glory days with the WWE, most of which can be viewed with a Peacock Premium subscription. These days, however, the legendary wrestler is frequently entangled with rumors about his well-being as wrestlers continue to speak about alleged problems he's had with his health. Following the latest comments made by Kurt Angle on that exact subject, Hogan's rep had to clap back. 

Kurt Angle originally spoke on The Kurt Angle Show about his recent appearance at Raw XXX, which Hulk Hogan also attended. Angle alleged that the Hulkster was walking around with a cane and had no feeling in his lower body after a recent surgery that severed some nerves in his back. A representative for Hogan spoke to Entertainment Tonight, and in addition to noting that Hogan was "not paralyzed," said the following:

Everything is OK with him... Hulk is someone with a lot of humor.

Hulk Hogan's representative seemed to want to shut down any speculation that the wrestler is in poor health, and seemingly suggested that Kurt Angle might have taken seriously something that was meant as a joke. The representative also made sure to mention that Hogan can walk without a cane, which those who tuned into Raw XXX saw when he walked out with Jimmy Hart to open up the show: 

While the video doesn't necessarily dispute the claim that Hulk Hogan was using a cane off-camera, it does seem like the WWE superstar can move around without exclusively using one. He appears to be doing well enough, and not quite as bad as some of the statements made by Angle made it sound. 

Hulk Hogan's health has long been discussed in the wrestling world, as Kurt Angle isn't the first wrestler to drop a bombshell about the former legend on their podcast. Ric Flair did the exact same thing in 2021 when he mentioned during his podcast that Hogan had "really bad health issues." Hogan later responded by posting a pic of his muscles, seemingly refuting the narrative of Flair. 

There are definitely two sides to this latest story, but the main takeaway seems to be that Hulk Hogan doesn't want the public to think he's in poor health. To be fair, that's a sentiment a number of people may have, even without a reputation for being a rough-and-tumble wrestler decades prior. Let's also not forget Hogan can be a private person, and even neglected to inform the public he was divorced once. 

The one thing we do know about Hulk Hogan's health is that he's publicly revealed he likely won't be doing any more wrestling matches in his older age, unlike his buddy Ric Flair. This was in part due to upwards of twenty-three surgeries he's had in the past decade, presumably to address the wear and tear on his body after decades of performing as a pro wrestler. In short, don't expect to see him doing leg drops or throwing punches in the future, even if he is feeling fine. 

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