As More Vince McMahon Lawsuits Surface, Reports Claim WWE Owner Has Voiced Intentions To Return

Vince McMahon in the WWE
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The WWE said goodbye to Vince McMahon when he stepped down from his position as CEO of the company, and fans have had a lot of praise for the changes made in this new era led by co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and the newest head of creative, Triple H. Despite that, recent rumors allege McMahon has shown an interest in returning, as more lawsuits tied to his past misconduct continue to surface. 

A new report on what’s happening with Vince McMahon has arrived via the Wall Street Journal, and it has some new details on what the former chief executive has faced and allegedly said since leaving his active role in the WWE. Here’s what’s going on and why McMahon is said to have signaled he wants to appear at upcoming WWE events

More Lawsuits Surface Involving Vince McMahon

A lawyer representing former wrestling referee Rita Chatterton reportedly sent a demand letter to a representative for Vince McMahon on November 3rd, seeking out $11.75 million in damages. Chatterton publicly accused McMahon of raping her in a limousine three decades ago, an accusation that McMahon has denied. 

That same month, a separate letter was sent to the former CEO's attorney, Jerry McDevitt, by the attorney of a former spa manager who claimed that McMahon assaulted their client at a California resort he was allegedly staying at for a WWE event in 2011. The state of California added a new law that allows alleged victims of sexual abuse to file suit, even beyond the statute of limitations, beginning in January. 

In regards to the non-publicized payouts Vince McMahon reportedly made to former employees for various indiscretions while in his role in the WWE, the board is apparently probing to see if the $12 million in payouts warrants legal action against McMahon by the WWE board. The report notes that McMahon, his attorney, and members of the WWE board did not offer comments on the newly surfaced lawsuits.

Vince McMahon Has Apparently Expressed A Want To Return To The WWE

Vince McMahon, in spite of legal actions taken against him, is said to have expressed not only a desire to return to the WWE, but also regrets about having exited his former roles in the first place. McMahon allegedly told others that he intends to return, and that he received bad advice from others who encouraged him to step down. McMahon has supposedly claimed that the various controversies would’ve died down eventually had he stayed in his role in the company, 

Though he’s no longer in charge of the day-to-day operations of the WWE, Vince McMahon remains the biggest shareholder of the company. Additionally, there were reports a while back that alleged the WWE wanted to honor McMahon for his decades of service to the WWE. It’s unclear right now if there’s any intention of bringing McMahon back within the fold of the WWE, nor what that would look like if it happened. 

Right now, WWE fans can only see Vince McMahon on wrestling shows if they have a Peacock Premium subscription. We’ll see if that changes in the near future and if the WWE is willing to welcome back McMahon, considering some of the things that have been reported about the struggles they had when he was around. 

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