Dwayne Johnson Finally Addressed Rumors Of His WrestleMania 39 Return And Sent A Not So Subtle Message To Roman Reigns

Dwayne Johnson is blazing through his Black Adam press tour on the road to its premiere, but he's not holding back from answering questions regarding his rumored return to the WWE. The Rock had a few things to say about the whisperings he’d appear at WrestleMania 39, and also shared a not-so-subtle message for his rumored opponent, Roman Reigns. 

If Roman Reigns is at all intimidating to his cousin and WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the actor didn’t let it show in an interview with The Rundown’s Erin Lim. The host asked the DC actor about who he considers the “Head of the Table,” a title Reigns typically uses in the WWE. Without missing a beat, Johnson responded, and threw some shade at Reigns with his response:

Who is the Head of the Table? Without saying any names, you’re looking into his eyes right now.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was brimming with confidence during his time in the WWE, and it’s not like he’s lost any of it since becoming one of the biggest celebrities in the world. He’s can hype himself up over Roman Reigns any day of the week, but in doing so, he has to know that he’s only inviting more speculation that the WWE has plans for him to take on Reigns at WrestleMania 39.

As of writing, the WWE hasn’t officially announced a match, but rumors about Dwayne Johnson’s involvement have circulated the web since before the previous WrestleMania. As such, there was some excitement when he called out Roman Reigns, as it seemed like some subtle confirmation this megastar match might be happening at the upcoming WWE event in 2023. Johnson quickly clarified he’s not confirming his participation at WrestleMania, but added that he is very excited about the prospect of it happening:

I am not confirming that at all. No. No, I am not [laughs] Though I’m gonna get a text from him after he watches this... I love the idea of a WrestleMania. And I’m close to a lot of people there, but very close to one in particular, who we’ve talked about this. So I like it. There’s just so many other variables that have to come into play. But I’m a fan, because I’m a promoter at heart, so I’m a fan of promoting an event and what could that be. I love WrestleMania, and I love that world.

Dwayne Johnson seemingly indicated that he wants to return to compete in the WWE, but whether he’ll actually be able to do so is an entirely different story. He’s one of the biggest actors on the planet (something his cousin reportedly hopes to replicate), and his contracts may have clauses that prevent him from doing an injury-prone activity like professional wrestling. It may be out of Johnson’s hands entirely whether or not he can return to the WWE, regardless of if he wants to. 

Dwayne Johnson reportedly took a chunk of time off in 2023 that coincides with the WrestleMania season, but again, nothing is confirmed about his participation. Still, one can’t help but feel a little suspicious about him using Black Adam press time to call out his WWE family, and if Roman Reigns will have something to say about it on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam premieres in theaters on Friday, October 21st. Wrestling fans can, of course, check out The Rock’s biggest moments in the WWE with a Peacock Premium subscription, and remember why he truly thinks he’s earned the title of “Head of the Table” over Roman Reigns. 

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