Fired WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Revealed To Be Breaking Bank On Fan Site That Got Her In Trouble

Mandy Rose in NXT
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The WWE recently cut ties with former WWE superstar and NXT champion Mandy Rose, with the reason allegedly being tied to her racy subscription-based content online. Mandy Rose won’t be appearing at any upcoming WWE events in the near future, but the former champion was quick to reassure followers she’ll continue to post content on her platform. That’s not too surprising to hear now given the latest update that Rose is making bank on the fan site that first got her in trouble. 

Quite a few celebrities have made their way to OnlyFans and similar platforms, and made a lot of money doing so. Former WWE talent Mandy Rose is no exception, as her agent Malki Kawa told TMZ that Rose is making quite a chunk of change on the platform FanTime, a site similar to OnlyFans. According to Kawa, Rose has made around $500,000 alone from the time she was fired to the time of writing. 

That’s a lot of money and certainly makes it more understandable why Mandy Rose was allegedly unwilling to remove her FanTime page in order to stay with the WWE. While we don’t know the exact amount of money Rose was making in the WWE as one of the stars of NXT, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio back in 2021 that the average pay of most NXT superstars was in the $50k to $60k range. Meltzer added that the top stars of NXT were making somewhere in the low $100k range yearly, with few exceptions (via Sportskeeda). 

Assuming those numbers were accurate and if Mandy Rose was on the upper edge of NXT salary, her earnings from FanTime were likely far higher. Granted, the $500k she made in a week could’ve been from the mass exposure of her subscription page following the news of her release and the number of wrestling fans that joined. Even so, that one week eclipsed what she might’ve made in a year in the WWE by a wide margin, which is pretty surprising to hear. 

And while wrestling for the WWE is a dream of many wrestlers, Mandy Rose has other companies she can go to once her non-compete is up that may allow her to keep the page. AEW, for example, has quite a few stars on its roster who have OnlyFans or some other equivalent page where they can share NSFW content or just normal content with subscribers. 

This includes former WWE superstar Toni Storm, who left SmackDown and went to OnlyFans pretty quickly after her release. Even WWE Hall of Famer Sunny has her own OnlyFans account, though, like Mandy Rose, is not working for the WWE anymore. 

The WWE was once a company that was criticized for its depiction and over-sexualization of women, especially during the Attitude Era. The brand has worked through the decades to clean up that image, which might be why it’s so against its employees profiting on platforms like FanTime and OnlyFans. 

Mandy Rose is gone from the WWE, but anyone with a Peacock Premium subscription can look up her past work in the company. There’s also a good deal of great content from the past to rewatch, especially for those who like revisiting old pay-per-views. 

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