A Former WWE Superstar is Headed To OnlyFans

Superstars in the WWE can make careers for themselves following their time in the company in number of ways, including OnlyFans. After its launch, OnlyFans rose to a legitimate business for many people in the world, and now a former WWE superstar is joining the ranks of the subscription-based website. Toni Storm is the latest name to signal her intention to join the platform, and it’s happening soon. 

Fans had their eye on Toni Storm’s next move, as a 90-day non-compete clause (which seems typical of most recently-released WWE stars) meant she’d be a free agent towards the end of March. Ahead of that, Storm posted a photo on Instagram that signaled she has exclusive content on the way to a certain platform. Not long after the photo, a profile sprung up on OnlyFans, so it appears the former NXT UK champion is joining the site officially on Saturday, March 19 at 12:00 p.m. ET

WWE fans can currently subscribe to Toni Storm’s OnlyFans account for $19.99 a month or get a discounted rate for paying for multiple months at once. Storm is offering $53.97 for a three-month subscription, $101.95 for six months, and $191.90 for a full-year subscription. 

Storm hasn’t dropped any specifics on the exclusive content she’ll share on the site, but typically, OnlyFans features a lot of participants who charge subscription fees for photos of them in lingerie or fully nude. Storm’s photos on Instagram so far promoting the page show her in lingerie, though that might be due to Instagram’s guidelines. 

The major question surrounding Toni Storm’s jump to OnlyFans is if that might impact her options for pro wrestling going forward. The WWE is reportedly against its stars having OnlyFans accounts. That said, considering that Storm reportedly asked for her departure from WWE, she's unlikely to return to the company anyway.

In regards to AEW, Kiera Hogan is an example of a member of the roster who also has an OnlyFans account. So, for anyone wondering if Toni Storm can’t join AEW now that she’s starting an OnlyFans, that doesn’t appear to be the case. It’s also notable that Page VanZant is also a part of AEW now and famously created her own adult subscription site outside of OnlyFans at the request of fans, so I’d speculate the company has no problem with these ventures. 

It remains to be seen if Toni Storm will even return to wrestling. Reports around the time of her departure noted that Storm suffered from burnout, meaning she was tired of the work involved in WWE. OnlyFans is certainly a venture removed from pro wrestling, though I’d wager that a person who did both might find a larger audience. Coming to OnlyFans after already making a name for themselves on TV certainly seems to work for the cast members of 90 Day Fiancé!

Toni Storm is no longer with the WWE, but anyone interested can check out her tenure with the company with a Peacock Premium subscription. I’d love to see her wrestle again, though with this new business venture, who knows if that’s in the cards? For some more viewing options, take a look at our 2022 TV schedule.

Mick Joest
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