Let Out A Hooooo For WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan Who Tackled A Home Invader

Hacksaw Jim Duggan with his 2x4
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WWE legends eventually have to move on from their days in the ring, but that doesn't mean they're any less tough for doing so. Hacksaw Jim Duggan has consistently proven that's the case with him, as he's successfully battled cancer and more recently, stopped a home invasion. Duggan revealed that the scary situation happen earlier this month, and he deserves a "Hooooo" for how he handled it! 

Hacksaw Jim Duggan spoke to Wrestling Inc. about the matter, which reportedly occurred on December 8th at 6:45 p.m. ET. Duggan said that a man entered through his home's unlocked front door and that he ultimately tackled the man, before grabbing a pistol and holding the intruder at gunpoint. Duggan described the trespasser as "hysterically frightened" and said the man claimed that others in a nearby house were trying to kill him. 

The 68-year-old star explained that police arrived on the scene and that the man was had actually fled to his residence due to a separate legal matter. The WWE vet ultimately chose not to press charges and came out of the incident without injury to himself, and his wife, Debra, was thankfully unscathed as well.

For those wondering how Hacksaw Jim Duggan is doing after the incident, his online presence seems to indicate that it's business as usual. Duggan recently posted on Instagram about being ready to film some videos for anyone who might need a last-minute Christmas gift:

It's good to see him looking so well after the incident, which could've gone very differently. It's also awesome that the former wrestler was able to apprehend that intruder, considering he'd just beaten cancer again earlier this year (via Fightful). The beloved personality has been battling prostate cancer on and off since 2021 but completed his 39th radiation treatment this past August.

Maybe it's unwise to assume Jim Duggan can't handle any threat that comes his way, even at this age. After all, Duggan had a memorable career in the WWE and amassed many accolades that gained him "Legend" status within the company. This includes his victory in the very first Royal Rumble match as well as some title runs over in WCW. Duggan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. 

2022, as a whole, has been a year that sees old-school pro wrestlers showing they're still tough as nails. Hacksaw Jim Duggan might be at the top of this list, but others like Ric Flair also get some recognition as well. Flair wrestled a retirement match at 72 years old and, while many were concerned for his health throughout, he came out of the event looking as strong as ever. Hulk Hogan is also looking notably better after rumors about his health, so maybe it's time for all of these guys to make a comeback? Who knows but, if anything, I'm just happy to see veterans like Duggan thriving in their later years.

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