The 8 Best WWE Christmas-Themed Episodes

Mark Henry as Santa Claus on Monday Night Raw
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The holiday season is a magical time for all, even at the WWE. Yes, Vince McMahon may have once challenged God to a wrestling match, but that doesn't mean his organization doesn't dabble in Christmas-themed episodes every so often!

The WWE has countless holiday moments to look back on, but a select few stand out among the rest as mandatory watching during the holiday season. Let's revisit some of those great moments below, and reminisce on some of the amazing moments this organization delivered to fans over the years. 

Mark Henry on Monday Night Raw

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Good Vs. Bad Santa - Monday Night Raw (2013) 

It’s nothing to see Santa Claus in a wrestling ring on Monday Night Raw, but seeing two Santas go head to head in a match? This was something truly unique, and it only happened a couple of days before Christmas in 2013. 

Good Santa (played by one of the best black wrestlers of the 90s, Mark Henry) took on Bad Santa (Damian Sandow) in what was to be a battle for Christmas. If Good Santa won, it’d be a regular old Christmas, but if Bad Santa won, it was coal and bad vibes for all. Good Santa won out in the end, and Christmas was saved in a nonsensical but fun match for all. 

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Santa Claus with Hornswoggle on Monday Night Raw

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Hornswoggle Getting The Gift Of Speech - SmackDown (2011)

SmackDown aired its Christmas special super early in 2011, and despite it taking place closer to Thanksgiving than Christmas, it gave wrestling fans one of the most significant character changes of this era. Hornswoggle won a Battle Royale in order to get a Christmas wish from Santa, and with the help of Sheamus, wished for the ability to speak. 

Obviously, things changed for Hornswoggle quite a bit after that, as he was able to speak his mind, cut promos, and even serve as the Anonymous Raw General Manager. Hornswoggle was released by the WWE in 2016, but he could’ve been released a lot sooner without Santa’s magic. Plus, maybe that magic is what led to his gig as leprechaun?

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The Rock on SmackDown

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12 Days Of Christmas With The Rock - SmackDown (2001)

When it comes to cutting promos in the WWE, few did it better than The Rock. The most electric man in sports entertainment delivered one of his best just days before Christmas in 2001, in which he redesigned a classic Christmas song in order to send a message to fellow wrestler, Test. 

My personal highlight of The Rock’s “12 Days of Christmas” is when he requested “five seconds of chanting The Rock’s name” and let the crowd go on for way longer than that. This is a great one to watch, especially if you love Attitude Era Rock. 

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Xanta Claus on In Your House

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Xanta Claus Attacks Wrestlers - In Your House (1995)

Santa usually only makes time for the WWE once a year, if at all, but 1995 was a rare exception. Santa didn’t make an appearance at the WWF In Your House pay-per-view that year, but his evil twin brother, Xanta, did show up to deliver some “seasons beatings” to Savio Vega. 

Ted DiBiase managed to find Santa’s evil brother, and used him briefly in the WWE, but the character disappeared from television not too long after his debut. I’m assuming people weren’t too thrilled about their children learning about Santa’s evil twin and how easily he could destroy pro wrestlers. 

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Santa Claus on Monday Night Raw

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Alberto Del Rio Hits Santa With His Car - Monday Night Raw (2012)

Santa Claus opened up Monday Night Raw in 2012 with his joyous attitude, and it appeared he had gifts for all the good little girls and boys in attendance. Everyone loved it, right up until Alberto Del Rio pulled into the arena in his car, and accidentally hit Kris Kringle. 

Fans watched as Santa required medical attention and was later taken out of the arena via stretcher. It wasn’t a great look for Del Rio, who later faced a reckoning when a recovered Santa came and beat up both Del Rio and his cohort, Ricardo.

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Kurt Angle on Monday Night Raw

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Kurt Angle Brutalizes Santa - Armageddon (2004)

Santa actually made an appearance at a WWE pay-per-view for Armageddon 2004, though, in hindsight, I bet he wished he sent his brother Xanta, instead. The jolly old soul squared off against Olympic wrestler Kurt Angle, who absolutely brutalized Santa in the ring without mercy. 

We’re talking a lopsided squash match that, even as an adult aware of the art of pro wrestling, is hard to watch. The match ended with an ankle lock submission by Angle, and Santa in agony in the ring. Santa did get his chance at a rematch back when Angle went to TNA, though sadly, the result was more or less the same as the first time they fought. 

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Santa with Stone Cold Steve Austin on Monday Night Raw

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Ric Flair’s Christmas Party - Monday Night Raw (2001)

Ric Flair is known to be a party animal, so it’s no surprise he threw one of the best Christmas parties the WWE ever had on Christmas Eve in 2001. Nothing about the segment is really all that hilarious, minus the fact that it’s a bunch of Attitude Era wrestlers hanging out, sipping Budweiser, and just enjoying the holidays as Stone Cold Steve Austin reads his Christmas list to Tajiri, who was dressed as Santa Claus. 

If you’re someone who gets nostalgic for the classic era of the WWE, this is such a great Raw to check out, and remember an era that the organization will absolutely never come back from. 

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Stone Cold with Santa Claus on Monday Night Raw

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D-Generation X And Stone Cold Steve Austin Celebrate Christmas - Monday Night Raw (1997)

If I had to pick the greatest WWE Christmas episode of all time, it has to be Monday Night Raw, December 22nd, 1997. It was on this magical night that two incredible things happened. D-Generation X took to the ring in white thongs and, with the help of wrestling superstar Chyna, spelled “Merry X-Mas.” with their buttocks. 

That was enough to make this one of the best WWE episodes of all time, but then Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the stunner on Santa, and that really sent it into legendary territory. If you see one classic WWE Christmas episode this holiday season, this is the one to watch. 

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