WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hospitalized For Emergency Surgery

WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan is in a challenging situation at the moment, as the former pro wrestling superstar is currently in the hospital with a medical issue that required emergency surgery. Fans received the update about Duggan courtesy of his social media, though the news likely wasn’t quite what anyone hoped. 

Jim Duggan’s wife Debra took control of the wrestler’s Twitter account and informed fans that her husband wasn’t doing well. She asked followers for prayers and accompanied it with a photo of Duggan laid up in a hospital bed.

It’s unclear at the time of this writing exactly what Jim Duggan required surgery for, but it's worth noting that he seemed to be doing well in the days just prior, at least based on social media posts. Duggan and his wife Debra were at Hero Con in Fort Myers, Florida, the weekend before, as evidenced by pictures with fans, as well as with his wife on their trip home. His final post before the hospitalization was less than a day prior and featured a throwback picture with wrestler and former tag partner Butch Reed. 

The latest publicly known medical information to be found on Jim Duggan came from a 2019 post that noted he was in the hospital with a severe infection. In that situation, Duggan had emergency surgeries to remove the infection, which was said to have been successful. It’s not clear if this current hospitalization was at all tied to the previous hospitalization in 2019 or it’s something entirely different. It’s worth noting that in 2018, Duggan also went to a hospital with atrial fibrillation, so that could also factor into it.

Jim Duggan was diagnosed with kidney cancer back in 1998, which briefly put his wrestling career by the wayside. He later made a comeback in the WCW and continued appearing in the decades that followed for WWE and other wrestling organizations. Wrestling fans likely remember Hacksaw Jim Duggan for his trademark 2x4 piece of wood he took with him to the ring, as well as his booming “Hooo” battle cry. As far as his accolades go, he won the WWE’s first-ever Royal Rumble, and in the WCW, he held both the United States Heavyweight Championship and the World Television Championship. 

In 2011, the WWE inducted Duggan into its Hall of Fame, and it was in 2014 that Jim Duggan joined the WWE in its reality television space as one of the cast members in WWE Legends House. Duggan lived alongside other WWE notable legends like Pat Patterson, Jimmy Hart, and Mean Gene Okerlund, just to name a few. The series only lasted one season, but was noteworthy for moments the cast shared, such as Patterson publicly coming out as a gay man. The series was one of the first entries on the WWE Network, which has since transitioned to being part of the Peacock streaming service. Here's hoping we can get a second season after Duggan pulls through.

CinemaBlend would like to extend its best wishes to Hacksaw Jim Duggan and wish him a speedy recovery following emergency surgery. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates in the pro wrestling world and for the latest happenings in television and movie news.

Mick Joest
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