More Information About Alexa Bliss' WWE Absence Is Emerging, And I'm More Confused Than Ever

Alexa Bliss in the WWE
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The WWE is working out what’s next for Cody Rhodes and a number of superstars following the conclusion of WrestleMania 38, but there’s one high-profile athlete whose continuous absence from television as of late has fans growing concerned. Those that were confused by the WWE’s decision to exclude Alexa Bliss’ from its biggest event of 2022 will be more confused than ever, as the latest reported details regarding her absence have emerged.

Alexa Bliss had a major match at Elimination Chamber (which Peacock premium subscribers can watch now) that came after weeks of scripted vignettes concerning her attempts to abandon her prior persona and evil doll Lilly. Despite her participation in that match, Fightful Select reported that there was no substantial creative direction planned for her character, and that Bliss herself made it clear she wasn’t happy about that in the days following the event. 

The report goes on to state that while Alexa Bliss wasn’t involved in plans for WrestleMania 38, creative staff received word that she was willing to work the two-night event if something was offered for her character. It’s alleged that a plan came about for her to play some role in Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch’s title match, but the idea was reportedly abandoned before long. It isn’t clear if the idea was shot down by creatives, Bliss herself, or anyone else. 

Alexa Bliss reportedly had her lack of WrestleMania plans set in stone back in February, and the report notes that the WWE’s interest in booking the superstar lessened following her vignettes, but doesn’t expound on that connection any further. It’s also said that Alexa Bliss allegedly voiced her displeasure to Vince McMahon directly over how her character is being used, but obviously, nothing has changed as of late. 

If there’s any good news in report, it’s that Alexa Bliss is allegedly still regarded as the second biggest babyface on Monday Night Raw’s internal depth chart. Given that, it appears as though her value in the company is still highin one capacity or another, even if she isn’t featured on television at the moment. I would think it’s fair to assume her recent wedding could play a factor in her latest absence, and could keep her away from the brand's events even longer while she’s on her honeymoon. 

The downside for Alexa Bliss, however, is that the WWE women’s roster is as loaded with top talent as it's ever been. Bliss is well-loved by fans and talented, sure, but she's also just one of several popular women’s superstars struggling to find screentime in the division. Even so, it’s baffling to think one of WWE’s biggest female athletes of the past few years is struggling to find a slot in the company, and it’s even more confusing the WWE hasn’t made a place for her yet, and that none of this is being addressed very meaningfully in the meantime.

WWE’s Monday Night Raw airs on the USA network on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Hopefully, Alexa Bliss will be back in the fold on the show soon and hopefully set on a path that gets her back into the title picture. 

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