5 Reasons Why AEW's MJF Is The Best Thing To Happen To Pro-Wrestling In Years

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I’ve already talked about how AEW has turned this lapsed wrestling fan into a weekly watcher again, and the best tag teams in AEW, but now I want to talk about quite possibly the most compelling element of AEW right now, and that’s its monster heel, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known to his fans (and foes), as MJF.  

Now, MJF is that rare heel whom you not only love to hate, but you also hate to love, as well. Part Ted DiBiase, part Shawn Michaels, part his own damn thing (and don't you dare call him a knock off of The Miz), MJF might just be the best thing to happen to pro-wrestling in years…and here are five reasons why.        

MJF and Wardlow

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His Feud With Wardlow Is The Most Exciting Thing Going In Wrestling Right Now 

I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but Wardlow is like a way better Ryback. And, here's the thing. I don't think Wardlow would be nearly as compelling as he is if not for his work, and later feud, with MJF. Because AEW is smart. They've been teasing this feud between Wardlow and MJF for weeks. Months even. You could see the dissolution between Wardlow and MJF's partnership during MJF's feud with CM Punk (more on that in a few). Wardlow was MJF's bodyguard, but he could only stand so much of his abuse, both verbally and physically. 

And then, one day, Wardlow snapped, and MJF being MJF, used his money and influence to keep Wardlow out of the ring. But, that's the beauty of this feud. It's pure anticipation. Because almost every week, Wardlow has been "sneaking" into the building and laying waste to security in his pursuit of MJF, and that has put Wardlow way over with the fans. In the most recent Dynamite, he even had to be brought to the ring in handcuffs for his fight against The Butcher. And, by slowly teasing this inevitable match between Wardlow and MJF, AEW has been creating the most enriching and compelling narrative in all of pro-wrestling. It's almost like a romance novel. It's all about the seduction and the tease.  

MJF taking the praise

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There Has Never Been A Better Heel 

Look, I've been watching pro-wrestling my entire life. I took a break from watching it religiously after the Attitude Era, back when wrestling used to be more exciting. But, I still watched it here and there, catching matches on all the major promotions, and also watching it on the more niche programs, like ROH, NJPW, and PWG. I'll tell you this: every promotion, big and small, has its heels. 

I've seen some great ones over the years, like the late, great WWE hall-of-famer, Scott Hall, the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, and I've even been keeping an eye on the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, in WWE. But, none of them match MJF, who at only 26, has already cemented himself as one of the greatest heels of all time.    

Because nobody gets under the audience's skin like MJF. No matter what town you hail from, he'll eviscerate it. No matter who your favorite wrestler is, he'll talk down to them like they're a jobber. Eddie Guerrero used to "lie, cheat, and steal," to win, and MJF pulls right out of that very same playbook. MJF is just the total package, and speaking of which…  

MJF in the ring

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He's Not Just A Great Talker, But Also An Excellent Wrestler As Well 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, now more known for his best movies than his wrestling, is probably the greatest talker of all time. Nobody could electrify the audience like The Rock. Nobody. That said, he arguably wasn't the greatest wrestler from a technical standpoint. Same with Hulk Hogan. Great talker, subpar wrestler.   

But, MJF is that rare breed. When he's not putting over Captain Shawn Dean, he's a genuinely great wrestler. This was exhibited by his multiple matches with CM Punk that culminated in their ultimate Dog Collar match at Revolution, which was a match for the ages. The only problem I do have is that we rarely even get to watch MJF wrestle. That said, he's often better served furthering other storylines. And, about that... 

MJF and the Pinnacle

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Every Storyline Around Him Is Improved Because Of Him 

Here's what's really unique about MJF. There are plenty of feuds currently taking place in AEW. You have Eddie Kingston's beef against Chris Jericho, "The Limitless One" Keith Lee against Powerhouse Hobbs, Adam Cole against "The Hangman" Adam Page, etc., etc., etc. 

But, throw MJF into the mix, and those feuds would get a lot more interesting. Take the falling apart of FTR and MJF, who together are known as The Pinnacle. They were a steady stable for a while, but MJF's treatment of Wardlow has gradually upset Dax Harwood to the point that even he might turn on MJF. He hasn't yet, but it feels like that's what's been building up, so it's a great idea to feature storylines where MJF is always on the fringes. He makes every narrative must-watch TV.

MJF telling it like it is

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He Is Revolutionizing Twitter By Always Staying In Character, Engaging Fans (And Foes) Alike  

And, lastly, MJF has taken his trolling to new heights on Twitter. This is a brand new way to play heel, and MJF has been reveling in it. In the past, the only way a heel would be able to interact with the fans is by the fans actually going to tapings and house shows. But now, because of social media, MJF can call somebody ugly right on Twitter.    

It's to the point where if somebody makes fun of MJF, and tags him on Twitter, he very well might hit them back with a snarky comment, and get several replies and retweets in return. It's kind of like that whole "Roast me" thing people like to do online, but on a much larger scale. It's quite genius, honestly. 

Those are my five reasons why MJF is the best thing to happen to modern day pro-wrestling. But, what do you think? For more wrestling news, make sure to stop by here often. 

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