WWE Superstars Randy Orton And Matt Riddle's Positive Updates Give Hope For RK-Bro Reunion Amid Injuries And Rehab Rumors

It wasn't that long ago that Randy Orton and Matt Riddle's tag team RK-Bro was one of the most popular duos in the WWE. Alas, Riddle was forced to compete solo when Orton stepped away from the WWE with an alleged back injury, but then Riddle himself disappeared from shows after rumors saying he'd been suspended and entered rehab. Both men were at the center of positive updates on social media over the weekend, thus giving wrestling fans hope that RK-Bro could resurface at upcoming WWE events

A lot has been reported about Matt Riddle in recent months, as widespread rumors alleged the popular athlete was pulled from WWE TV appearances, and was then sent to rehab after violating the company's wellness policy in December for the second time (via WrestlingHeadlines.com). The WWE hasn't confirmed this outright, but Riddle seemed to indicate this is the case after referring to his "recovery" in a recent Instagram upload, which also showcased the stoner-friendly wrestler's new look. 

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For those that might've missed the subtle change to Riddle's appearance, he's showing off his new grills in the second photo. I'm assuming the teeth caps won't be a big part of his in-ring persona if and when he returns, as they could be a safety risk while taking hits to the face. In any case, it's great to see him in all-smiles mode after what has potentially been a trying struggle behind the scenes. 

As previously mentioned, Riddle was working without Randy Orton in the WWE for some time, following reports alleging the WWE legend was out indefinitely with a back injury that sounded pretty serious. Orton has yet to reappear in the WWE since April of 2022, but it looks like "The Viper" might be eyeing a return judging from how jacked he looked when inspiring smiles and excitement during his recent visit to the Boone Center in Saint Peters, Missouri. Check out the celebratory Facebook post, if you can read the words in the shadow of Orton's biceps.

That doesn't look like the face of a wrestler dealing with unbearable pain, though looks can be deceiving. After all, it wasn't that long ago that Hulk Hogan's rep denied allegations about his health based on rumor chatter, so perhaps a photo of a shredded Randy Orton with fans shouldn't be used to suggest he might be eyeing a return to the company. But it's still a promising sign that he's moving forward rather than backwards in terms of his health.

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And if best bros Randy Orton and Matt Riddle are ever ready to return to the WWE, one would think they'd be welcomed by fans with open arms as a tag team again. As The Uso's future as undisputed tag-team champions hangs is the balance due to in-fighting, now would be as good of a time as any for RK-Bro to make an unexpected comeback and regain their status as two of the biggest names in the company.

Realistically, though, there are only a couple of months to go before WrestleMania 39, and with time dwindling down before matches need to be set in stone, it's possible we won't see either athlete until the Monday Night Raw episode that follows this year's WrestleMania, which might be for the best. Assuming what has been rumored about Matt Riddle and Randy Orton is true, they both could sooner benefit from a proper comeback that's built up by careful planning, rather than immediately jumping back into the spotlight yet again. Fans don't necessarily need them back right this second, though there are plenty of  their matches to look back on and enjoy in the meantime with a Peacock Premium subscription.

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET, which is the most likely place we'd see either superstar. Tune in to see if either wrestler will make an appearance in the coming weeks, and whether RK-Bro will have a wondrous reunion when they do.

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