Scorsese Telling Falcon's Tale?

By Josh Tyler 2008-12-01 00:33:04discussion comments
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Scorsese Telling Falcon's Tale? image
Martin Scorsese is plenty busy. He currently has three movies and one documentary in varying stages of development. That doesn’t seem to have stopped him from find yet another project do direct… maybe.

Production Weekly has a strange little blurb about a movie called Falcon’s Tale, on which they list Martin Scorsese as the director. Here’s the really weird thing about it. The plot synopsis sounds sort of like Shutter Island, yet it’s different enough that it must be an entirely new film. Here’s their plot description: “A career criminal is sent inside a high security, mental institution to discover the whereabouts of a serial killers victims.”

Scorsese’s Shutter Island on the other hand is the story of 2 US Marshalls who go into an insane asylum looking for a murderess. Similar premises, but major differences. Enough that Falcon’s Tale is either a different film, or the normally very reliable Production Weekly has somehow gotten totally confused, and mixed the plot of Shutter Island with something else. We’ll let you know as soon as this is confirmed.
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