Eva Longoria As Wasp In Avengers?

By Josh Tyler 2008-09-15 03:40:42discussion comments
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Eva Longoria As Wasp In Avengers? image
Eva Longoria may be up for a part in Marvelís upcoming Avengers superhero team-up movie. Or, she could just be trying to stir up rumors that sheís in the movie, in the hopes that it might get her a role.

Whichever it is, Longoria was photographed by a site called Flawed Hollywood, while leaving the offices of Marvel Comics. Clearly visible in the photos, is an Avengers comic and a business card, in her left hand.

Thatís not really much to go on, and frankly, in some of the photos itís almost as if sheís going out of her way to let the photographer get a good shot of the comic sheís holding. Still, she was at Marvel for something. Maybe Tony Parkerís a comics nerd, and she came in person to pick up his subscription? Seems unlikely.

If she somehow did end up in the movie, that raises the question of which superhero character she could play. Female supers are few and far enough between, let alone pint-sized ones. Wasp was the only female member of the original Avengers team, which in addition to her was composed of Ant-Man, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk. Wasp also has the ability to grow or shrink in size, making Longoriaís petite frame no problem.

Avengers wonít be out in theaters until 2011, and I suspect itíll be a long time before weíre able to find out whether this is calculated, vapor-hype or something thatís really happening.
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