Jon Favreau Actually Expresses Interest In Directing Star Wars 7

By Sean O'Connell 2012-11-11 17:33:24discussion comments
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Jon Favreau Actually Expresses Interest In Directing Star Wars 7 image
Weíve been spending so much time confirming denials from directors who have no interest directing the recently announced Star Wars: Episode VII that itís refreshing to finally hear from a reputable filmmaker who isnít shying away from the daunting task of directing an Star Wars film and actually might be interested.

Thatís the word from Jon Favreau, who didnít exactly throw his hat into the ring for the coveted gig, but didnít remove his name from consideration as so many other directors have done over the past few weeks. Speaking with EW, the Iron Man director admitted:
ďThe idea of another trilogy that further shrouds the Force in mystery as its secrets are lost to time Ė thatís extremely compelling. I want so bad for it to be good. Can you imagine?Ē

Why ďimagineĒ it, Mr. Favreau? Why not step up, take charge, and make it happen? Favreauís name has been on the shortlist of fans ever since Episode VII was announced. And for so many reasons. As a director, he has dabbled in science-fiction and big-budget spectacle, from Zathura and the Iron Man movies to Cowboys & Aliens (despite the fact that so many of you believe that movie missed its mark). Favreau also lent his voice to episodes of The Clone Wars, and has been known to interview George Lucas on the film festival circuit.

And hereís the kicker: Favreauís already in Walt Disneyís pocket. He passed on the opportunity to direct the third Iron Man movie, partially so he could develop Magic Kingdom at The Mouse House. They respect what he does, and might be ready to hand the Star Wars keys to this magical director. (Especially now that Jersey Boys is in turnaround.) Is he up for it? Favreau isnít saying yes Ö but he also isnít saying no, and thatís something.
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