Katherine Heigl Fired From Adaline?

By Mack Rawden 2010-11-15 18:03:20discussion comments
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Katherine Heigl Fired From Adaline? image
Go ahead and mark this down as another reason Katherine Heigl sucks. The overly opinionated drama queen who once released a statement taking herself out of Emmy contention because she wasnít given the material to work with on Greyís Anatomy has pulled out of her upcoming film Adaline. The news comes just days after the producers announced Angela Lansbury had been cast to play opposite Heigl. Am I missing something here? Angela Lansbury is a beloved icon. How the hell does any self-respecting actress pass up a chance to work with her? Well, maybe it wasnít exactly her choice.

According to Deadline, rumor has it Heigl was fired from the project, but since the story first leaked, both Heigl and the production company have denied she was given the boot. Apparently, sheís just excited about being a new mother. Was she not excited about that a week ago? Did someone just leave the baby on her doorstep over the weekend? Either she was fired, or she canít be bothered to live up to her commitments. Regardless, I somehow like her even less now. If you want to be a mother, step away and be a mother. Donít make commitments and then back out using motherhood as an excuse.

No word yet on who might replace Heigl, but something tells me thereís plenty of A-list actresses that wouldnít mind working with Jessica Fletcher.
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