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Gravity Trailer: Sandra Bullock And George Clooney, Lost In Gorgeous Space
Whether you're a fan of smart sci-fi or of Children of Men or of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, you've got a reason to look forward to Gravity. We've had it high on our most-anticipated list before it even started shooting, and now that the first trailer has debuted online, well… can we skip summer and head straight to October?
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2013-05-09
Gravity Poster Urges Us Not To Let Go
This, I hope, will be the last Gravity story I write for CinemaBlend. This is one of those movies I need to see pure, to see clean. I don’t want the experience ruined for me by Vine videos and commercials for teasers for trailers. I want to see it in IMAX, in its entirety.
alfonso cuaron Sean O'Connell 2013-05-08
First Look At Sandra Bullock And George Clooney In Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity
We don't know much right now about Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, but all it takes is the barest details to get us interested-- Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and the director of Children of Men, working together on a tense drama set in outer space. The film has been kept under wraps since it went into production in 2011
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2013-05-08
Star Wars Rumors Attach Simon Pegg, Alfonso Cuaron To Future Films
Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron, who’s still putting the finishing touches on his sci-fi thriller Gravity, could be circling Episode VIII and, possibly, Episode IX. And that’s not all. MarketSaw tosses Simon Pegg’s name back into the fire, saying they “can't say why, but let’s just say I have a strong feeling about that.”
alfonso cuaron Sean O'Connell 2013-02-27
Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity Gets PG-13 Rating, Which Means It's Finally Finished!
For a while we hoped that Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity would be a player in this year's Oscar race, or at least a fall release we could look forward to at the end of this year. But back in May the film was bumped from its planned November 21 release date and into next year, with an undetermined release date and a lot of fans of the Children of Men director
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2012-10-24
Catching Fire Director Shortlist Includes Alfonso Cuaron And David Cronenberg
The list contains "seven or eight names, all men," but the Times is only revealing three of them-- Cuaron, Babel director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, and surprisingly enough, David Cronenberg, the director behind landmark genre films like The Fly and Videodrome
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2012-04-12
Sandra Bullock Doesn't Wear Make-Up In Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity
"Do female astronauts wear makeup?" sounds like the title of a David Sedaris book, but I think it's also a fairly legitimate question. With so much stuff to do while flying through space, I find it hard to imagine that any women engineers would have time to wake up, sit at a vanity, and apply the regular dose of lipstick, eye shadow and whatever glop is involved with the regular routine.
alfonso cuaron Eric Eisenberg 2012-01-03
Christopher Nolan Is The Frontrunner For Warner Bros.' Planned Twilight Zone Movie
Unlike its predecessor, this movie would focus on one story told by one director. Nolan’s relationship with Warner is obvious, though the trade does point out that the director could pass because a Zone film might be too similar to Inception. If Nolan were to pass, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuaron reportedly are next in line on the studio’s wish list.
alfonso cuaron Sean O'Connell 2011-09-30
George Clooney Will Now Play The Male Lead In Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity
Has any film gone through more A-list flip-flopping than Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity? First Angelina Jolie was attached to the project before quickly dropping it. Next, Robert Downey Jr. was cast as the
alfonso cuaron Eric Eisenberg 2010-12-16
Robert Downey Jr. Out Of Gravity, Will Learn How To Talk To Girls Instead
Due to scheduling issues, it was reported a few weeks back that there was a possibility that Robert Downey Jr. would have to drop Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. Though he stuck with the project for months
alfonso cuaron Eric Eisenberg 2010-11-17
Robert Downey Jr. May Have To Drop Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity
Back in September, when we reported that Sandra Bullock would be the star of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity should Natalie Portman drop out, we also suggested that there could be another problem - holding on to
alfonso cuaron Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-25
UPDATE: Natalie Portman Turns Down The Lead In Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity
Late last month things were starting to look really good for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. Finally rethinking their "Only Angelina Jolie" stance, they began negotiations with Natalie Portman to star in the film. All of us
alfonso cuaron Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-06
Natalie Portman Finally In Negotiations To Join Gravity
Natalie Portman may not be as big a star as Jolie and hasn't carried a blockbuster film without Star Wars in the title, but even based entirely on her stellar Black Swan performance
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2010-09-29
Sandra Bullock Next In Line For Cuaron's Gravity If Portman Passes
Portman is Cuaron’s pick but the studio is nervous and has been pushing to have a bigger name to carry the movie all along. That’s why they spent months making so many
alfonso cuaron Josh Tyler 2010-09-11
Natalie Portman Has The Lead Role In Gravity If She Wants It
While Portman isn't necessarily the only actress with the chops to carry a movie like Gravity, she might be the only one with that combination of bankability, talent and prestige
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2010-09-07
Warner Bros. Only Wants Angelina Jolie For Gravity, And She Won't Bite
Maybe by passing Jolie is trying to help breed a new female action hero to follow her lead. It's too bad Warner Bros. didn't trust themselves or their property enough to actually give it a shot, though now they'll have to
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2010-09-01
Scarlett Johansson For Cuaron's Sci-Fi Action Movie Gravity
Before watching Iron Man 2 I’d have scoffed at the notion of Scarlett Johansson doing an action movie. She’s just never seemed like the action type and, while I still think her talents
alfonso cuaron Josh Tyler 2010-07-23
Ernie Cline's Ready Player One Set To Fill Avatar's Shoes
When the worldwide box office totals for Avatar exceeded the GDP of most African nations, it became clear that movie studios were going to do everything they could to match its success.
alfonso cuaron Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-21
FX Company Spills Details About Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity
After a cluster of news broke back in late February-early March, not much has come out about Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. Up until now, little information has emerged about the project
alfonso cuaron Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-16
Who Will Direct The Hobbit? Our Readers Advise Peter Jackson
The revelation of Del Toro's departure sent a shockwave through fans and minutes after posting our report on the story, we started hearing from all of you, eager to help find his replacement. We've been following
alfonso cuaron Josh Tyler 2010-05-31
Marvel's Director Decision: Who Should Assemble The Avengers?
Now that Captain America has been cast it's time for Marvel to take the next big step forward on their multiple-movie, superhero universe project. Everything they've done and will do in Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk
alfonso cuaron Josh Tyler, Eric Eisenberg 2010-03-23
Robert Downey Jr. Will Join Alfonso Cuaron In Space For Gravity
It goes without saying that Downey Jr.'s participation in any project is likely to make it worth seeing, and the prospect of the actor returning to drama after a hugely successful stint in comedy and action is even more intriguing
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2010-03-13
Angelina Jolie Bails On Wanted 2 To Work With Alfonso Cuaron - UPDATED
Gravity is getting the blame for Jolie bailing on the project, but really, we probably should have expected her to bounce from this long ago. Wanted was ridiculous and over-the-top and really fun
alfonso cuaron Katey Rich 2010-02-26
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