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Kevin Spacey Recruits A Comedy Team
Craig Robinson, Heather Graham, Johnny Knoxville and Camilla Belle are all people who could conceivably star in a comedy together. But these four fine folks will actually be ensemble members of a comedy led by Kevin Spacey, and that makes the whole thing even more bizarre than I possibly could have imagined
kevin spacey Katey Rich 2009-06-25
Colin Firth And Kevin Spacey Fight The Spanish Civil War
Guys, I was an English major in college, and I've gotta confess-- I had no idea George Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War. The 1984 author apparently traveled with his wife, Eileen, to fight Stalinism
kevin spacey Katey Rich 2009-05-19
Cast Rounds Out For Casino Jack
George Hickenlooper made a pretty great decision when he cast Kevin Spacey as the lead in Casino Jack, the story of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Now he's making a few more good choices as he rounds out the cast
kevin spacey Katey Rich 2009-05-17
Kevin Spacey Hitting The Casinos
Spacey has signed on for the starring role in Casino Jack, about how Abramoff's bribery and general ripoffs landed him in jail in 2008. The title has been changed from Bagman, but George Hickenlooper will still be directing the script by Norman Snider
kevin spacey Katey Rich 2009-05-13
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