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Milla Jovovich Calls Out Summit Entertainment For Not Promoting The Three Musketeers
While the movie didn't screen early for critics, Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers opened at midnight last night and some reviewers bought tickets so that they could publish an opinion on the movie today. The result has been overwhelmingly negative, our own Katey Rich calling it, "the rare movie that's so dumb it's impossible to understand" (expect her full review later today).
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2011-10-21
16 Zombie Extras Injured On The Resident Evil: Retribution Set
It's never funny when people are injured on a movie set, doing their jobs in the name of making some entertainment for the masses, but it's hard to resist when the people injured are 16 extras dressed up in full zombie makeup. I mean, the possibilities for confusion are endless
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2011-10-11
UPDATE: Kate Beckinsale, Milla Jovovich And Sofia Vergara Attached To Danger Girl?
It's funny that both Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich have built very similar careers. Both are married to action directors (Len Wiseman and Paul W.S. Anderson, respectively) and both have worked with their hubby filmmakers to create franchises with at least four films starring the actresses as strong, ass-kicking protagonists (Underworld and Resident Evil).
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-22
Milla Jovovich Doesn't Recognize Evil In New Faces In the Crowd Trailer
Just because I’ve never heard of the medical term “prosopagnosia,” or “face blindness,” doesn’t mean I can’t dig on the unnerving new international trailer for Julien Magnat’s thriller Faces in the Crowd. The film stars Milla Jovovich as an elementary school teacher who’s suffering a rare case of facial amnesia following a brutal encounter with a serial killer
milla jovovich Sean O'Connell 2011-08-15
Paul W.S. Anderson Confirmed To Direct Resident Evil 5, Take The Action To Tokyo
The plan is for Jovovich's Alice to travel from Toronto over to Tokyo , and they're apparently also recasting the character Jill Valentine, previously played by Sienna Guillory and last seen wearing a mind control device put upon her by the Umbrella Corporation
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2011-08-09
New Three Musketeers Trailer Explains Milla Jovovich's Sweet Matrix Moves
The first trailer for The Three Musketeers was a little confusing, even for a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. That trailer didn’t seem to be so much about the Musketeers we’ve come to know and love after their dozens of different film incarnations (I guess they’re in some book too), it seemed to be mostly about Milla Jovovich doing sweet Matrix moves.
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2011-06-28
First Three Musketeers Poster Is Deliberately Old-School And A Little Confusing
It's a deliberately old-fashioned affair, looking almost hand-drawn and echoing the old work Drew Struzan did for the Indiana Jones movies, kind of like the Super 8 one that turned out to be fan-made. But the Musketeers poster also features Jovovich giving her best sexyface
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2011-06-09
Milla Jovovich's Next To Be Titled Resident Evil: Retribution
In addition to being the star of the franchise, Milla Jovovich is also married to the director of the Resident Evil series, Paul W.S. Anderson. That means she has a direct line to everything that’s going on with the upcoming fifth installment, and because she’s kind of cool, she’s been more than willing to share what she knows with her fans through twitter.
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2011-05-16
First Trailer For Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers
It's hard to tell exactly what the plot involves-- something about saving the world, fighting off enemies, blah blah blah-- but I think the entire point of the trailer is to make you not care. This movie is going to be pretty and possibly badass
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2011-03-25
Resident Evil 5 Has A Release Date
The Resident Evil franchise has made a lot of money, and though I’m generally opposed to the works of Paul W.S. Anderson, in this case it’s deserved. Critics will pan it and serious horror fans will turn up their nose at it, but most of the Resident Evil movies are a lot of fun. Big, dumb fun, but fun nonetheless.
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2011-03-04
TIFF Review: Dirty Girl Is Mean, Unfunny, And Coming To A Theater Near You
I cannot fathom why the Weinsteins paid more than a few nickels for Dirty Girl, an incredibly uneven and mean-spirited excuse for a comedy
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2010-09-13
Milla Jovovich Promises Resident Evil 5 Is Happening With Input From Fans
Resident Evil: Afterlife is officially the biggest opener in the Resident Evil franchise and that, of course, means they’re more than eager to get going on another one
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-09-13
Discuss Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D And Rate It
It’s after midnight and that means Milla Jovovich is leaping out of screens around the country in 3D, shooting zombies and if you’re lucky, justifying all that extra money
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-09-10
This Rotten Week: Predicting Resident Evil: Afterlife Reviews
Well, it's Labor Day and with it we officially celebrate (or curse wildly while throwing things around the room in rage) the end of the summer season. The lazy days are over
milla jovovich Doug Norrie 2010-09-06
Complete Resident Evil: Afterlife Image Gallery
Resident Evil: Afterlife opens this weekend and we’re still waiting to hear if it’ll be screened for the press, thus signifying whether it’s one of the year’s biggest
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-09-06
Find Out How Much Of Resident Evil: Afterlife Is CGI With Uncut Set Video
If you’ve seen the trailers for Resident Evil: Afterlife the answer to the question “how much of this movie was computer generanted?” may surprise you. Since it was filmed
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-08-29
Three New Clips From Resident Evil: Afterlife
With Piranha 3D already in wide release, we are only two weeks away from a battle, as Resident Evil: Afterlife breaks into theaters and the two try and co-exist. Considering
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-08-25
New Stone Poster Tries To Hide Milla Jovovich
When you have two actors the caliber of Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro in your film, you can't be blamed for wanting to put them at the top of your marketing. They are two incredibly talented individuals who
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-08-23
Comic Con: Live Blogging The Resident Evil: Afterlife Panel
Come September, Milla Jovovich will reprise her role as Alice in the fourth film in the Resident Evil franchise. The longest series in the history of video game adaptation, the stars and crew are
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-24
De Niro Versus Norton In The Stone Trailer
What do you get when you put together a corn-rowed inmate in Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich as a shy seductress and Robert DeNiro pretty much playing himself
milla jovovich Doug Norrie 2010-07-21
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