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Milla Jovovich Promises Resident Evil 5 Is Happening With Input From Fans
Resident Evil: Afterlife is officially the biggest opener in the Resident Evil franchise and that, of course, means theyíre more than eager to get going on another one
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-09-13
Discuss Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D And Rate It
Itís after midnight and that means Milla Jovovich is leaping out of screens around the country in 3D, shooting zombies and if youíre lucky, justifying all that extra money
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-09-10
This Rotten Week: Predicting Resident Evil: Afterlife Reviews
Well, it's Labor Day and with it we officially celebrate (or curse wildly while throwing things around the room in rage) the end of the summer season. The lazy days are over
milla jovovich Doug Norrie 2010-09-06
Complete Resident Evil: Afterlife Image Gallery
Resident Evil: Afterlife opens this weekend and weíre still waiting to hear if itíll be screened for the press, thus signifying whether itís one of the yearís biggest
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-09-06
Find Out How Much Of Resident Evil: Afterlife Is CGI With Uncut Set Video
If youíve seen the trailers for Resident Evil: Afterlife the answer to the question ďhow much of this movie was computer generanted?Ē may surprise you. Since it was filmed
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-08-29
Three New Clips From Resident Evil: Afterlife
With Piranha 3D already in wide release, we are only two weeks away from a battle, as Resident Evil: Afterlife breaks into theaters and the two try and co-exist. Considering
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-08-25
New Stone Poster Tries To Hide Milla Jovovich
When you have two actors the caliber of Edward Norton and Robert DeNiro in your film, you can't be blamed for wanting to put them at the top of your marketing. They are two incredibly talented individuals who
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-08-23
Comic Con: Live Blogging The Resident Evil: Afterlife Panel
Come September, Milla Jovovich will reprise her role as Alice in the fourth film in the Resident Evil franchise. The longest series in the history of video game adaptation, the stars and crew are
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-24
De Niro Versus Norton In The Stone Trailer
What do you get when you put together a corn-rowed inmate in Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich as a shy seductress and Robert DeNiro pretty much playing himself
milla jovovich Doug Norrie 2010-07-21
Milla Jovovich Shows Off Musketeers Costume Through Twitter
Milla Jovovich has taken to her Twitter account to give us our first look at costume designs for Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers (not to be confused with the one currently being produced by
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-05
New Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Is Ridiculous And Fun
Resident Evil: Afterlife has a new trailer and itís cheesy, ridiculous, and plays out kind of like a videogame. But itís also sort of stunning on a visual level and if they pull off even half
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-06-18
One Good And One Bad Resident Evil: After Life Poster
Maybe Hollywood has just given up on posters as an option for a viable revenue stream. That seems about the only reason why we continually receive weak one sheets for just about every "big" release the industry pumps out.
milla jovovich Will LeBlanc 2010-06-14
Milla Jovovich Has Bad Luck
While Milla Jovovich certainly has some high points in her acting career (The Fifth Element, Dazed and Confused, Zoolander), there are plenty of bad movies balancing things out
milla jovovich Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-08
Jill Valentine's Return Confirmed For Resident Evil: Afterlife
We havenít seen her in the trailers, so maybe you thought Jill Valentine wouldnít be back for Resident Evil: Afterlife. The character figures prominently in the games and in the last movie
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-05-31
First Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Sidelines Zombies Embraces 3D
The first ever trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife has arrived and hereís the really interesting thing about it: This trailer contains almost no zombies. Though this is a franchise built on zombie-killing
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-04-03
Milla's All Wet In These First Ever Resident Evil: Afterlife Images
Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter are back fighting zombies this September in Resident Evil: Afterlife. Yep, that franchise is still going. Whoíd have thought Supermanís run would end with just one movie while Resident Evil
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2010-03-31
Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer To Arrive In Front Of A Nightmare on Elm Street
As tweeted by Milla Jovovich , the trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife will be attached to A Nightmare on Elm Street. The horror reboot is due out on April 30th, so you can probably expect to see the RE4 trailer hit the web shortly before that
milla jovovich Perri Nemiroff 2010-02-28
Resident Evil Afterlife Delayed Till 2011?
It looks like the next zombie killing installment in the Resident Evil franchise may be running behind schedule. Earlier today Shock Till You Drop ran a story claiming that Resident Evil: Afterlife would be pushed off itís planed August 10, 2010 release date to January 14th of 2011.
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2009-12-07
Milla Jovovich's Winter Queen Goes Ahead
Iím not going to lie. For the longest time, I thought Milla Jovovichís name was Milla JoCOvich (pronounced yo-kuh-vich). In fact, I didnít notice I was wrong until last week, when her new film, The Fourth Kind
milla jovovich Tim Gomez 2009-11-12
Milla Jovovich Tweets From Resident Evil 4 Set
There's literally dozens of tweets about shooting scenes with Wentworth Miller and Ali Larter, which guns she'll be using in the film, and some stunts gone wrong, so all I can tell you is to go to her official Twitter page and go at it
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2009-11-05
The Fourth Kind Clips: Milla Jovovich Under Alien Attack
In the film Milla Jovovich stars as a hypnotherapist investigating a series of possible alien abductions in the remote city of Nome, Alaska. Itís not put together like a normal movie though, The Fourth Kind is more like a Power Point presentation
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2009-10-28
Milla Jovovich Sees A Lot Of Faces
Milla Jovovich is clearly not done doing a lot of screaming. First she's got the thriller The Fourth Kind coming out, in which she has some too-close encounter with aliens, and now she's signed on for Faces in the Crowd
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2009-10-28
Resident Evil: Afterlife Starts Production
To no oneís surprise the fourth installment in the Resident Evil franchise, to be titled Resident Evil: Afterlife, is go. In a press release sent out this evening Sonyís Screen Gems announced that the film has officially begun production
milla jovovich Josh Tyler 2009-09-29
More Cast Added For Resident Evil 4
The Resident Evil franchise is still trucking along healthily, with Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson both returning to star and direct, respectively, and the film set to start shooting this fall. And even more new cast members are getting brought on board
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2009-09-22
Resident Evil Already Getting Rebooted?
Screen Gems is planning the fifth film as a prequel, remaking the story of the military unit fighting the out-of-control supercomputer and mutant scientists. Clearly it's a successful idea, given the franchise that's spun off from it, but will it work with the memory of the first one so fresh in everyone's brains?
milla jovovich Katey Rich 2009-09-08
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