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Comic Con: Tron: Legacy Title Image And Amazing Concept Art
The first big panel of Comic Con, Walt Disneyís 3D presentation in Hall H, has just finished. If you were following Kateyís Live Blog then you know that Tron 2 finally has a title. Itís called Tron: Legacy
comic con 2009 Josh Tyler 2009-07-23
Comic Con: Disney Panel, Tron 2 Revealed Live From Hall H!
I made the ultimate sacrifice this morning and joined the throng of humanity waiting in line for Hall H at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m. And now I'm ensconced safely among the throngs of Tron, Twilight and Avatar fans
comic con 2009 Katey Rich 2009-07-23
Comic Con In Photos: Seth Rogen Unveils Green Hornet's Sweet Ride
As predicted the unveiling of Green Hornetís sweet, sweet new ride happened tonight at the San Diego Comic Con. Seth Rogen was on hand with producer Neil Moritz, director Michel Gondry
comic con 2009 Josh Tyler 2009-07-23
Flynn Lives And He Wants To Meet You Thursday Night!
Weíve got marching orders from your old buddy Kevin Flynn. In case you havenít heard, Flynn Lives. On the Tron 2 viral site proclaiming the continued existence of Flynn
comic con 2009 Josh Tyler 2009-07-23
Comic Con: IMAX Execs Hoping To Show Tron 2, The Hobbit On Giant Screens
Mind you, this is not a list of done deals, but when IMAX guys say they're hoping for something, they'll probably get it. Foster rattled off a list of some of the most anticipated upcoming films, including Tron 2, Spider-Man 4, Shrek Goes Fourth
comic con 2009 Katey Rich 2009-07-22
Comic Con: Megan Fox And Josh Brolin On Jonah Hex Poster UPDATED
Here's your first look at the poster for Jonah Hex, featuring a corseted Megan Fox and a big glare in a hat. The guy behind the glare is Josh Brolin, last seen playing the best George Bush since Will Ferrell in W.
comic con 2009 Katey Rich 2009-07-22
Comic Con: New Saw VI Poster UPDATED
Lionsgate unveiled a brand new poster for Saw VI tonight at the San Diego Comic Con. Our own Katey Rich was there to snap a picture of it, along with a womanís ass, reflected in the plastic coating on the poster
comic con 2009 Josh Tyler 2009-07-22
Comic Con In Photos: Preview Night Madness!
I jumped in and snapped some photos of the movie-related goings on, which included poster giveaways for District 9, a straw hut for Where the Wild Things Are, a giant replica of Bumblebee in both Autobot and Camaro form, and much much more
comic con 2009 Katey Rich 2009-07-22
Comic Con: Where The Wild Things Are Will Roar In IMAX
IMAX, once thought of as a venue used primarily for nature films, has become the go to method for watching Hollywoodís biggest blockbusters. Till now thatís mostly meant animated movies, wizards, superheroes, and movies with lots of explosions
comic con 2009 Josh Tyler 2009-07-22
Comic Con: Warner Bros Debuts Man Sized Shwag Bags
Every Comic Con has itís shwag hags and itís certain this will be no different. How much free shwag is there to be had? They distribute bags the size of a human being, and people often manage to fill them
comic con 2009 Josh Tyler 2009-07-22
Follow Our Live Twitter Feed From Comic Con 2009!
Wish you could be at Comic Con in San Diego this year, but simply can't stand cramming yourself into a hall full of other nerds? As you probably expected, Cinema Blend has you covered
comic con 2009 Katey Rich 2009-07-21
Anticipate This: Comic Con Expectations That Can't Miss
The San Diego Comic Con happens this week and contrary to what you might have heard, it's more than paid shwag girls in Wonder Woman outfits tantalizing geeks into handing out their credit card information
comic con 2009 Josh Tyler 2009-07-21
Mystery Team Coming To Comic Con
So what is this movie that you're supposed to be excited about. Per their description, "If Encyclopedia Brown, the kids from American Pie, and Nancy Drew all had sex, their baby would probably look something like Mystery Team.Ē
comic con 2009 Katey Rich 2009-06-15
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