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Everest Reviews: Is Jake Gyllenhaal's Mountain Thriller An Oscar Contender?
Jake Gyllenhaal was not as widely praised for his wrestling drama Southpaw as some predicted, but could Everest be his savior? The first reviews are in and critics are trying to flush out whether Everest will rise as an early contender of the 2016 Oscar race.
MOVIE NEWS Nick Romano 2015-09-02
5 Reasons Mad Max: Fury Road Was This Summer's Best Movie
Now that the summer has officially ended, movie fans are already amalgamating their best-of lists. And while the likes of Mission: Impossible Ė Rogue Nation, Inside Out, and The End Of The Tour each enthralled and wowed for a variety of reasons, nothing quite made the critical impact of Mad Max: Fury Road.
FEATURE Gregory Wakeman 2015-09-02
The Studios Are Going After People Who Have Downloaded Milla Jovovich's New Movie
James McTeigue's Survivor wasn't exactly one of the biggest blockbusters on the block this summer, but that doesn't mean that the folks behind it are any less pissed off about piracy.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-02
Watch Everything Wrong With The Sixth Sense In One Video
Itís now become the norm to poke and laugh at anything that M. Night Shyamalan tries his hand at behind the camera. To be fair to the naysayers, thatís only because heís given them plenty of ammunition. But it shouldnít be forgotten just how good his breakout Hollywood film was. That being said, there are still plenty of things wrong with it.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-09-02
Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One Looking At 3 Actresses For The Female Lead
Steven Spielberg is currently putting together his big screen adaptation of The BFG and adding the finishing touches to Bridge of Spies - but while those movies work their way through post-production, it seems that the gears are already starting to turn on the big screen version of Ernie Cline's Ready Player One.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-02
Star Wars: Episode VIII May Cast One Of These 3 Actresses
We haven't even had the chance to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, but Disney and Lucasfilm are already charging ahead with plans for Star Wars: Episode VIII.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-01
Tom Hanks' The Circle Is Building A Truly Fantastic Cast
Director James Ponsoldt is still coming up in the feature world, but one thing that he has proven in the last few years is that he definitely knows how to put a cast together.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-01
The Maze Runner 3 Already Planning A Significant Leap For Its Story
The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials isn't even in cinemas yet, but there are already ambitious plans for the third and final installment in the dystopian young adult franchise.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-09-01
The Biggest Winners And Losers Of The 2015 Summer Movie Season
Before we fully turn the calendarís page to September, though, we want to digest everything that happened these past few months. There have been surprises (both good and bad), and lessons learned by the industry and its patrons. Who are summerís biggest Winners and Losers?
FEATURE Sean O'Connell 2015-09-01
Michael Fassbender's Macbeth Trailer Is Dark And Intense
Something wicked this way comes, and itís the new Macbeth trailer. Michael Fassbender performs the title role in the latest adaptation of the Shakespeare classic.
MOVIE NEWS Nick Romano 2015-09-01
Bourne 5 Has Already Found Its Villan
A spy movie is only as good as its hero and its villain. The Jason Bourne franchise has a great hero, and when Matt Damon returns for Bourne 5, heís going to face off against one hell of an antagonist.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-09-01
Bette Midler Would Be Perfect As Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer's On-Screen Mom
Weíve already started dream casting Amy Schumerís mom in her upcoming mother-daughter comedy, but we didnít even consider who do play the maternal figure in her film with Jennifer Lawrence. How about Bette Midler?
MOVIE NEWS Nick Romano 2015-09-01
Andrew Garfield Knows You Didn't Really Like The Amazing Spider-Man, Read His Quote
In retrospect, the Amazing Spider-Man turned out to be a failed experiment. It turned out that people werenít really interested in seeing a rebooted version of the wall-crawler so soon after Sam Raimiís trilogy, and to make matters worse the two movies are mediocre at best.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-01
If Oscar Isaac's Goal With This Interview Was To Convince Me He's Smart, Mission Accomplished
If youíve been following Oscar Isaacís interviews, itís clear that the man takes his craft seriously, but his latest quotes prove just how smart he actually is when it comes to understanding his projects.
MOVIE NEWS Adam Holmes 2015-09-01
J.J. Abrams Wasn't Sure Harrison Ford Could Play Han Solo Anymore
It's been more than 30 years since Harrison Ford played Han Solo, and a lot of people wondered if he still had it in him to play that scruffy-looking nerf herder again, including J.J. Abrams.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-09-01
Michael Shannon's Latest Batman v Superman Quotes Are Somehow Even Crazier
While there are curious developments in store for Zodís corpse in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, now actor Michael Shannon has some bizarre things to say about his actual involvement with the film.
MOVIE NEWS Adam Holmes 2015-09-01
Terminator Genisys Is On Fire In China, Posting Crazy Box Office Numbers
We knew Terminator Genisys was doing well in China, but we didn't think it was doing THAT well. Check out the film's surprise reversal of fortune, and find out why this is happening so quickly.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2015-09-01
Mad Max: Fury Road Named Best Movie Of The Year By Critic Group, Even Though It's September
It may only be September, but one group of international critics has already awarded its best movie of the year, and it's George Miller's action opus Mad Max: Fury Road.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-09-01
Star Wars Is Going To Make A Stupid Amount Of Money From Force Awakens Merch
We all already figured that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to make a ton of money, but new estimates predict that merchandise sales could push profits from ridiculous numbers to truly mind-boggling heights.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-09-01
Concussion Takes Aim At The NFL, Not Football, According To The Director
For die-hard football fans, it may look as though Concussion is taking aim at the beloved full-contact sport Ė but now writer/director Peter Landesman has cleared the record, revealing that Concussion draws a line in the sand between the great pastime and the massive National Football Organization.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-01
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