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Cyborg Is Definitely In Batman v Superman, Here Are The Details
Given its title and release date about one year before Justice League is set to come out, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is expected to feature many more heroes than just those mentioned in the title (and no, I'm not talking about Wonder Woman).
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-21
Why This Halloween Might Be A Disaster For Hollywood
Despite the fact that some truly stellar movies have been coming out since January, the 2014 box office is severely struggling - and the next big holiday on the calendar doesn't look like it will be helping things in the slightest. In fact, analysts are saying that this Halloween may be downright horrific for the movie industry.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-21
How Matthew McConaughey Feels About All Those Romantic Comedies In Retrospect
There was a time when Matthew McConaughey was only known for his work in the romantic comedy genre. Throughout the 00’s he did little else than be perpetually shirtless and kiss his attractive co-stars. Now that he’s widely regarded as one of the most arresting screen presences of modern Hollywood, you might expect him to be embarrassed of his work during those years. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-21
A Major Fast & Furious Player Will Probably Direct A DC Superhero Movie
After a few years of making middling movies like Dead Silence and Death Sentence, James Wan has begun to emerge as one of the big name directors in Hollywood. Given his career trajectory, it was only a matter of time before the comic book movie genre came calling, and it seems that the folks at Warner Bros., New Line and DC Comics are striking first.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-21
Why The MPAA Sucks At Its Job, According To Science
The Motion Picture Association Of America has basically been shown to be irrelevant thanks to a new study from The University Of Pennsylvania. Basically those who work for MPAA have become so desensitised to violence and sex on the big screen that R films from decades ago are now less offensive than modern-day PG13s.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-21
2001: A Space Odyssey’s Brand New Official Trailer Is Perfect
As advanced as home theater technology has gotten in the past few years, some movies still truly need the big screen experience to be fully appreciated, and 2001: A Space Odyssey is certainly one of these films. A result of this special quality is that theater owners love to bring the Stanley Kubrick feature in for special screenings, and do so often.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-21
5 Heroes DC Could Choose To Headline The Green Lantern Reboot
In 2020, DC is giving one of its greatest superheroes another shot on the big screen. Announced with the rest of Warner Bros. lineup of DC films, Green Lantern will be rebooted, allowing it to escape the shadow of the 2011 film. However, even with this fresh start, one thing is unclear: which Green Lantern will they use for the DC Cinematic Universe? Here’s a rundown of their options.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2014-10-21
The Touching Reason Elsa Was Made A Hero In Frozen
Before the film opened, there were grumblings about how far Disney's creative team had strayed from the inspiration for their latest Disney princess feature. In Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen," the titular frosty royal was a villain. So how did Frozen's Queen Elsa turn out to be a hero? It's actually a touching story.
MOVIE NEWS Kristy Puchko 2014-10-21
Interstellar Apparently Is Great, Read The Over-The-Top Praise Here
With a press junket on tap for this coming weekend, and a few additional screenings in the pipeline, the movie is starting to show for select groups… and word on the film’s impact is starting to leak across the Web.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-10-21
The Dead Rising: Watchtower Movie Is Coming, And This Is Who It'll Star
You might know Dead Rising as a video game where players are charged with surviving a world ruled by zombies relentlessly on the hunt for human flesh! Well, prepare to know Dead Rising as the beginning of a franchise that's looking to blend horror and humor.
MOVIE NEWS Kristy Puchko 2014-10-21
Here's How Paul Rudd And Adam McKay Changed Edgar Wright's Ant-Man Script
If you've been looking for a reason to get excited about Ant-Man, then look no further! Adam McKay spoke to the script work he had been brought in to do, and not only does it sound fun, but Paul Rudd's contributions sound killer as well!
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-10-21
This Beloved Lord Of The Rings Actor Will Be In The Hobbit 3
Just when you thought The Hobbit couldn't fit any more cast members from The Lord Of The Rings, one more has jumped aboard for one last song.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2014-10-21
Noah Was Probably Hoping To Earn More Awards Than This
The Humane Society of the United States is proud to announce that Darren Aronofsky will be honored with their inaugural Humane Filmmaker award at the organization's “To the Rescue! New York 2014” benefit gala on Friday, November 21 at Cipriani in New York City.
MOVIE NEWS Kristy Puchko 2014-10-21
Skyline Is Definitely Getting A Sequel, Here's Who Is Starring
How do you make a sequel to Skyline? Apparently by starting from scratch with a whole new cast.
MOVIE NEWS Kristy Puchko 2014-10-21
Hunger Games: Watch Gale Complain About Peeta In This New Footage
So, Katniss. What are you going to do? So many of your moves have been made to keep Peeta alive. Is his rescue the spark that this Mockingjay needs to kick start the pending revolution?
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2014-10-21
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