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The Reason Judd Nelson Hated The Brat Pack Label
Whether or not you grew up in 1980’s, if you’re a movie fan the name “The Brat Pack” is likely known to you. It was the name given to a group of young, up and coming, actors who starred in movies like The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire.
MOVIE NEWS Dirk Libbey 2015-10-07
That Fake Jaws Movie From Back To The Future 2 Has A Hilarious Trailer
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Robert Zemeckis’ classic time-travel adventure, Universal Pictures has released a trailer for Jaws 19.
MOVIE NEWS Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-10-07
What Streaming Service To Join: A Full Analysis Of Your Options
Which are the streaming services paving the way for the future? What are their individual pluses and minuses? How do they function as libraries, in addition to providing original content? We’ve broken all of that down in this handy guide, so read on!
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2015-10-06
Ellen Page Wants To Remake One Of Julia Roberts' Classic Films
Flatliners is probably going to get remade, and Ellen Page wants to take one of the lead roles. Plus the writer of Source Code and director of the Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo want to help out, too.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-10-06
7 Batman v Superman Secrets We Just Learned In Lex Luthor's New Profile
We’re still less than half a year away until moviegoers see the evil plan Lex Luthor is hatching in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the meantime, we have a better sense of how Luthor is viewed by the public in the DC Extended Universe.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2015-10-06
How Hugh Jackman Kept Any Fans From Recognizing Him At Disney World
One benefit of wildly transforming yourself for a role is that it might give an actor a level of camouflage when going out in public, and that is exactly the case with Hugh Jackman's recent trip to Disney World.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-10-06
Will Smith's Collateral Beauty Has Suffered Yet Another Serious Setback
Will Smith is all set to enjoy renewed movie heights when Suicide Squad opens next year. The actor's current project, though, has been beset by troubles and is still going through some growing pains.
MOVIE NEWS Adrienne Jones 2015-10-06
New The Good Dinosaur Trailer Finally Shows Us Pixar's Human Co-Star
The long road to The Good Dinosaur is nearly over. In preparation for the film’s impending release Disney has released a final trailer for the film, and it gives us a bit more context.
MOVIE NEWS Dirk Libbey 2015-10-06
How Sandra Bullock Was Able To Land A Role Written For A Man In Her New Movie
Later this year, when director David Gordon Green’s political drama Our Brand is Crisis hits theaters, audiences will see Sandra Bullock in a role that was originally written for a man. Here's how she pulled that one off.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-10-06
Why Nicole Kidman Let John Cusack Rough Her Up During A Love Scene
The history of cinema is replete with stories of the great lengths actors have gone to in order to nail their performances, and Nicole Kidman once let John Cusack throw her around during a particularly rough sex scene.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-10-06
Bridge Of Spies Was Almost Made In 1965, Would Have Starred These Film Icons
Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg re-team for Bridge of Spies, about a famous trade-off of captured spies between the Soviets and the United States during the Cold War. As it turns out, the Spielberg wasn’t the first person to try and bring this story to life.
FEATURE Nick Romano 2015-10-06
What Elizabeth Olsen Wants A Scarlet Witch Movie To Be About
Elizabeth Olsen is fine with Scarlet Witch not getting a solo movie, but if the heroine were to go off on her own, there’s only one comic storyline Olsen wants to see the movie adapt.
MOVIE NEWS Adam Holmes 2015-10-06
The Reason The Owners Of The Conjuring Home Are Suing Warner Bros.
The house where The Conjuring was set has been inundated with fans since the film was released in 2013. And it's become rather annoying for the people who actually live there. So much so that they're suing plenty of people involved in the production.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-10-06
Why Marvel Is Waiting To Hire A Director For Black Panther
Despite the fact that there has been a great deal of talk about who will direct Black Panther, Marvel is holding off of hiring anyone, and they have a very good reason.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-10-06
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Pan Ticket
As we do with every newly released 3D film, we’ve broken down the experience watching Pan into multiple categories to determine exactly the best way to see the movie on the big screen. To 3D or not to 3D, that is the question! So read on for the answer…
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2015-10-06
8 Great Characters Marvel Needs To Develop Through One-Shots
If the Marvel One-Shots eventually return, here are the characters we think would benefit from their own short film, both established and yet to be introduced in the MCU.
FEATURE Adam Holmes 2015-10-06
What Rian Johnson Brings To Star Wars Episode 8, According to Benicio Del Toro
There's a lot of excitement over what Rian Johnson is going to bring to Star Wars: Episode 8. And the film's rumored villain, Benicio Del Toro, has now explained why he believes the director is the perfect choice to helm the blockbuster.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-10-06
The Final Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 Trailer Is Worth Covering, I Guess
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 brings the dystopian YA franchise to a conclusion when it drops in theaters on November 20. You’re going, right? 
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2015-10-06
What John Wick 2 Is Going To Be About
John Wick 2 is going into production later this year. It doesn’t yet have a release date, but could be in theaters in the second half of 2016.
MOVIE NEWS Sean O'Connell 2015-10-06
How Far Marvel Is Now Going To Prevent Leaks
It’s no secret that Marvel has a problem with, well, keeping secrets. In light of this continuous issue, Elizabeth Olsen mentioned that new steps are being taken to ensure secrecy.
MOVIE NEWS Nick Romano 2015-10-06
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