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One Reason It's Great To Make Movies For Netflix, According To Someone Who Did

As subscription streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have started ramping up their efforts in the original movies field, there's been a lot of talk about what makes the streaming services a good fit for certain directors.

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How Wonder Woman Evolved From Her Solo Movie To Justice League, According To Gal Gadot

While most major superheroes are introduced to the big screen nowadays in their very own solo films, this wasn't the case for Wonder Woman.

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How Much Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies Have Shelled Out Just For Snacks

Nothing really gives you a gauge for how expensive these movies truly are and how many moving parts have to come together to make a set work, well, except maybe the snack budget

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Someone Made A Functional Wonder Woman Shield, And It’s Awesome

Wonder Woman may be known for her Lasso of Truth, but the character has also used a sword and shield in combat. Watch this awesome video of a team of metal workers forge their very own shield just like the one in the Wonder Woman movie.

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Everything We Know About The Early Life Of Captain Jack Sparrow

When we meet Captain Jack Sparrow for the first time at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, the notorious pirate has already lived an interesting life, one we've learned a lot about over the years.

First Look At Finn's New Blaster In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

You know you've made it big when you get your own blaster. John Boyega plays Finn in the news Star Wars movies and he's offered the first look at Finn's own personal blaster. Check it out!

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The Big Holdup In The Way Of The Next Guardians Of Galaxy Movies, According To Sean Gunn

One specific hurdle is standing gin the way of James Gunn's progress on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Here's what we know about the delay.

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How Geoffrey Rush Feels About That Huge Pirates Of The Caribbean Reveal

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales features some major moments for Hector Barbossa. Here's how Geoffrey Rush felt about those creative decisions.

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What The Current Wonder Woman Artist Thinks Of The New Movie

Wonder Woman is only a few days away now, and more reactions are pouring in from the lucky people who have screened the movie. This is what the current artist of the Wonder Woman comic book thinks about the film.

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Will Star Wars: The Last Jedi Include A Major Character Reunion? Here's What We Know

One of the most touching moments in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was seeing Han Solo and Leia Organa together again for the first time. Now there are rumors that another major reunion might be in the cards for the next film.

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How Much Of Alien: Covenant Landed On The Cutting Room Floor

Ridley Scott edited quite a bit out of the final cut of Alien: Covenant. Here's how much of the film ended up on the cutting room floor.

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The Last Jedi's Legos May Feature A Major Snoke Spoiler

Supreme Leader Snoke is one of the more mysterious thread left hanging after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but how much will we learn about him in The Last Jedi? This LEGO set may provide some spoilers on that front.

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How Paul McCartney Ended Up In The New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie

Believe it or not, but if you see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales this weekend, you will be treated to the legendary Paul McCartney dressed as a pirate. Here's how the legendary Beatle ended up in the movie.

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Deadpool's Blooper Reel Is As Hilarious As You'd Expect, Watch It Now

With a movie that flings the one-liners as fast as Deadpool, you better believe it has takes of a bunch of different jokes that never made it into the movie. Check out the full blooper and outtake reel for the R-rated superhero comedy.

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Watch A Reporter Absolutely Lose It On The Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride

The Guardians of the Galaxy ride is finally open in Disneyland and it's scaring children and journalists everywhere! Check out this news reporter lose it while riding Disney's latest attraction.

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The Top Gun Actor Who Is Already Ready To Rejoin Tom Cruise For Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise recently announced that Top Gun 2 is officially happening, and one actor from the first film is already feeling the need...the need for speed. Hit the jump to find out who's suiting up to hit the skies!

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Star Wars Artist Tears Into Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Poster

The newest Spider-Man: Homecoming poster has become meme worthy internet fodder, and now one Star Wars artist has spoken out regarding what exactly went wrong.

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9 Superhero Movies That Need To Be Set In A Different Period

Most superhero movies are set in the present day, but we've picked properties from Marvel and DC that would make great movies if they were set in the past or future.

The Spider-Man Spinoff With Black Cat And Silver Sable Has Found A Director

Along with Venom, Sony has a Silver Sable and Black Cat movie in the works, and that heroine-led feature has found its director.

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New Thor: Ragnarok Photo Shows Off Hulk’s Sweet Sakaar Digs

When Hulk isn't fighting in the Sakaar gladiator ring during Thor: Ragnarok, he'll have a great place to kick back and relax.

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