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The Badass Stormtrooper Star Wars: Episode VIII May Introduce
Following in the footsteps of Star Wars: The Force Awakens' FN-2199, a.k.a. "TR-8R," Star Wars: Episode VIII may be introducing its own badass stormtrooper.
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Disney Is Making An Oliver Twist Musical, With Ice Cube In A Major Role
Disney is gearing up to release a new version of the eponymous orphan's tale, this time with Ice Cube as one of the leads.
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The Uncharted Movie Finally Landed A New Director
One of the more frequent obstacles with the development of the Uncharted movie has been keeping a director. Fortunately, that particular issue has finally been resolved.
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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Movie, What We Know About The Harry Potter Prequel
Who's ready to return to J.K. Rowling's magical world? Harry Potter fans have much to anticipate in the coming months and years, and that includes the arrival of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.
The One Thing Thor's Screenwriter Would Change About The Film
Bringing Thor to the big screen for the first time was one of Marvel Studios' earliest challenges. While the character was essential to the studio's big Avengers plans, it wasn't exactly easy to translate the world of Asgard from the comics.
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Rogue One: How Orson Krennic Will Be Different From Other Star Wars Villains
Rogue One pictures and previews have already painted Orson Krennic as a formidable threat, but here's one of the key differences moviegoers will see between him and other Imperial antagonists.
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Why Ryan Reynolds And Tim Miller Apparently Disagreed About Deadpool 2
Over the weekend, it was reported that Tim Miller had exited Deadpool 2, supposedly due to disagreements with star Ryan Reynolds. Here's one of the things they may have argued about.
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How Scott Derrickson Went About Mapping The History Of Magic In Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange is not just a brand new movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also a gateway into a whole new realm of fantasy within the larger franchise.
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Is Bad Moms 2 Actually Happening? Here's What The Directors Say
When I hopped on the phone with Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, I asked them where we're at with a traditional Bad Moms sequel. Here's what they told me.
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How Doctor Strange Will Change The MCU, According To Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch recently opened up at the Doctor Strange premiere and explained how the latest Marvel film fundamentally alters the MCU forever. Here's what he said.
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The X-Men 2 Trailer Is Infinitely Better When Done In The Grim Logan Style
X-2's trailer re-imagined in the style of Logan will instantly make you emotional as you realize just how much we've all been through with Hugh Jackman.
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Why The New Friday The 13th Has Been Taking So Long To Get Started
After a series of delays, we finally know what it has taken so long for the next Friday the 13th film to get started. Get the details!
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Major League: The Cast Then And Now
The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series, and we here at CinemaBlend would like to celebrate their good fortune with a look back at the film that believed in them making it much earlier: Major League. Read on to get a look at where the cast is today.
Why Tom Hanks Keeps Returning To The Dan Brown Series
When I was given the opportunity to speak with Tom Hanks about the Dan Brown series, and the latest chapter Inferno, he explained that these sequels are anything but a given, and it's always a conversation about whether it's worth mounting a sequel to bring Langdon back to the big screen.
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Jar Jar Binks Invades The Latest Rogue One Poster, And It’s So Terrifying We Can’t Stop Staring
Want to ruin your Tuesday? Then take a look at this Rogue One poster that's been invaded entirely by Jar Jar Binks.
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One Big Way Indiana Jones 5 Will Be Different From The Previous Adventures
It turns out that Indiana Jones 5 has made one very big behind-the-scenes change from previous installments.
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Hundreds Of Twilight Props Are Up For Auction, And The Prices Are Insane
A rather extensive Twilight auction has been announced, but it will cost die-hards a pretty penny to own some of the film's memorabilia.
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11 Movies That Somehow Won The Weekend Box Office
This weekend saw the invincible Jack Reacher defeated by... Madea? It was a bit surprising to see the latest Tyler Perry movie top the box office over a Tom Cruise action movie, but it's hardly the first time such a thing has happened.
The Logan Trailer Remade With Cartoon Clips Is Surprisingly Delightful
Logan's fantastic first trailer recently dropped, and now someone has remade it using footage from both the 90's cartoon and X-Men: Evolution
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The Awesome Way Transformers Fans Helped Celebrate The End Of Transformers 5 Filming
This new video is celebratory. It shows the Autobots hitting the town, and I love how it plays up the idea that they are living, breathing celebrities that would cause a stir when they pull up to the curb in front of the club.
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