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Still Alice Trailer: Watch Julianne Moore Emerge As An Oscar Frontrunner
The general public hasn't had the opportunity to see the highly praised performance of Julianne Moore in Still Alice. That was, until now. Watch an exclusive trailer of the Oscar frontrunner.
Oscar Catarina Cowden 2014-12-08
The Wolf Of Wall Street Will Work Its Way Onto Blu-ray In March
This week, Paramount Home Media Distribution has let fans in on when they can get their hands on Martin Scorsese’s latest, The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie is hitting Blu-ray and DVD on March 25. However, if you’re more of a digital copy sort of person, you can purchase the movie early, beginning on March 18.
Oscar Jessica Rawden 2014-02-21
The Iron Lady Release Date Pushed To The End Of December
Those of you looking forward to witnessing Meryl Streep’s potentially Oscar-worthy portrayal of Margaret Thatcher will have to wait a bit longer than expected. Fortunately, the release date is just a few weeks later than what was originally expected.
Oscar Kelly West 2011-11-07
Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan Crosses $300 Million Mark At Global Box Office
Fox Searchlight has to be pleasantly surprised at the numbers this dark Oscar winner set in the world of competitive ballet has posted. Aronofsky’s $12-million Black Swan just pirouetted past the $305 million mark thanks to a strong opening over the weekend in Japan
Oscar Sean O'Connell 2011-05-16
Did Bansky Finally Get Photographed?
Leading up to the Oscars, a fair bit of coverage was devoted to questions of whether reclusive artist and Exit Through The Gift Shop director Banksy would show up for the Academy Awards. At one point, there were even rumors he'd arrive in costume, but the ceremony came and went without sighting.
Oscar Mack Rawden 2011-03-03
Rant: Corey Haim Should Have Been In Oscar's In Memoriam Tribute
Shame on you, Academy Awards. It’s been almost a year since Corey Haim died. He went out with a whimper. Broke, addicted and cohabitating with his mother, the former child star had little in common at the end of his life with the fresh-faced boy
Oscar Mack Rawden 2011-02-27
Help Save The King's Speech By Refusing To See It
We’ve been talking for several weeks now about The Weinstein Company’s disturbing plan to censor the Oscar nominated film The King’s Speech in order to curry favor with the MPAA, receive a PG-13 rating, and re-release the film in the hopes that the lesser rating will help make them more money. That plan became a reality last week
Oscar Josh Tyler 2011-02-27
Oscar Winners: Complete 2011 Academy Award Results
Tonight, while the most famous and important people in Hollywood dress up, walk the red carpet, and get fabulously drunk on a studio's dime for the Oscars, the rest of the country will be where we always are: on our couches, wondering what the famous people are up to. At least that's what we're doing here at Cinema Blend HQ.
Oscar Katey and Mack 2011-02-27
Don't Miss Cinema Blend's 2011 Interactive Oscar Live Blog!
This Sunday, for the tenth year in a row, raucous, opinionated Blenditos will gather together and watch the Oscars together right here on Cinema Blend. You’ll want to be there since this year the event is hosted by our own infinitely knowledgeable Oscar Eye Katey Rich. The rest of the Cinema Blend crew will be there too...
Oscar Josh Tyler 2011-02-25
Black Swan's Greatest Trick Was Convincing Oscar That It Isn't Horror
There’s a formula you can follow to work your way in contention for the top prize at the Academy Awards. Heavy drama plus a few well placed laughs and two or three scenes that leave the audience choked with tears and you’ll have no problem landing among the elite ten being scrutinized for the Oscar’s best picture. But what if you’re a brilliant film that blurs the line between thriller and horror...
Oscar Will LeBlanc 2011-02-23
The King's Speech Is Only A Frontrunner Because It's Manufactured Oscar Bait
Last year the Academy Awards expanded its Best Picture category to have ten nominees instead of five, something not done since 1943. This move made it possible for films with more populist appeal to get nominated in the biggest category without degrading the standards of the ceremony. But why was the move necessary?
Oscar Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-21
True Grit's Oscar Nomination Is A Surrender To Creative Bankruptcy
True Grit has been called “the western you should see if you only see one western every three years”. It’s been hailed as ”enormously entertaining”. Critics and audiences alike fell in love with it, almost from the moment it was released. In his review of the film Roger Ebert describes the audience at a sneak preview he attended as...
Oscar Josh Tyler 2011-02-20
Inception May Be Oscar's Last Chance To Award Originality
I cover nearly 200 movie news stories a month here on Cinema Blend. In addition to giving me an excuse to thinking about movies from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed, it also gives me a pretty good sense of what’s going on in the film industry and what kind of projects are moving into development. You want to know the biggest thing I’ve learned after writing more than 1,700 articles for this site?
Oscar Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-14
The King's Speech Dominates BAFTA Awards
The BAFTA’s are, for all intents and purposes, the British Oscars. They were held tonight and, in the process of handing out their annual awards, they confirmed what everyone already knew about the Oscar race: There are only two contenders. The King’s Speech won nearly everything that the Orange British Academy Film Awards had to offer, and whatever it didn’t win The Social Network nabbed. The King’s Speech won seven awards in total.
Oscar Josh Tyler 2011-02-14
Is Banksy Oscar Campaigning Through Street Art?
While all of the Oscar nominees for this year's Best Documentary category certainly deserve the accolades that they've been given, I, like many others, truly want Exit Through The Gift Shop
Oscar Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-01
Tom Hooper Takes Director's Guild Honors For The King's Speech
There have only been 6 times in history that the Director's Guild honoree didn't match the Oscar category, most recently Roman Polanski in 2002. Clearly there were other issues in play that time around
Oscar Mack Rawden 2011-01-30
Golden Globes Winners: Complete 2011 Award Results
Tonight Hollywood’s awards season gets going in earnest with the presentation of the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. It’s the first step towards something even bigger and as a bonus
Oscar Eric Eisenberg & Kelly West 2011-01-16
This Year's Oscar Nominee Marathon Is On At AMC
The dates in question will be two consecutive Saturdays: the 19th and 26th of February. Details beyond that are nonexistent, probably because the Academy hasn’t even released the nominees in
Oscar Mack Rawden 2011-01-07
Oscar Eye: Translating The SAG And Golden Globe Nominations
Between announcements from a series of major critical groups, the nominations for the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards and the huge amount of press nearly every major nominee has been doing
Oscar Katey Rich 2010-12-16
Rant: This Year's Golden Globe Musical Or Comedy Nominees Are The Worst Ever
It’s not a question of whether today’s Golden Globe nominees for Best Comedy or Musical are a disgrace, that much is clear, the better question is whether they are collectively the worst
Oscar Mack Rawden 2010-12-14
Supporting Actress Nomination Chances Vanish For Inception's Marion Cotillard
It's like the swap meet. If you go to one of those booths and the guy behind the counter keeps steering your attention toward two or three items, it's very unlikely you'll consider purchasing the battle axe at the end of the table. Marion Cotillard is that battle axe at the end of the table
Oscar Mack Rawden 2010-12-06
Winter's Bone Wins 2 More At Torino Film Fest
Debra Granik’s brilliant independent film has just picked up another two awards, this time from The Torino Film Festival. The Italian awards ceremony typically ignores studio films and only honors films from first, second or third time directors
Oscar Mack Rawden 2010-12-04
Oscar Eye: Predicting Another Year's Best Picture Chances, And More Social Network Buzz
In last week's column I pegged The Social Network as the new frontrunner in the Oscar race, and everything that's happened since has only further
Oscar Katey Rich 2010-10-05
An Infographic Guide To Actual EGOT Winners
Tonight the quest for EGOT will begin for several lucky winners at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. What’s an EGOT? It’s the pinnacle of entertainment achievement
Oscar Matt Sinopoli 2010-08-29
Noomi Rapace Eligible For Best Actress And Fielding Mission: Impossible Sized Offers
Noomi Rapace is a name that most of you probably still don’t know. Maybe that’ll change, because she deserves an Oscar nomination for her work as Lisbeth
Oscar Josh Tyler 2010-08-18
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