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Avengers 3: Everything We Know About Infinity War
In Avengers 3 everything we’ve seen so far in the comic book movie world has been building towards an epic big screen battle against the alien warlord known as Thanos. It's called the Infinity War and Marvel will split it into two parts.
hulk Adam Holmes 2016-05-16
What It Will Take For A Hulk Solo Movie To Be Made
Aside from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, Hulk has yet to be featured in a standalone movie. According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, this is the issue needed to be worked out to get the green powerhouse another solo adventure.
hulk Adam Holmes 2016-05-06
The Avengers Character Who Was Cut From Civil War's Post-Credits Scene
Captain America: Civil War is packing a lot of Marvel heroes into its story, but one popular Avengers character didn’t end up making it into the blockbuster’s post-credits scene.
hulk Adam Holmes 2016-04-14
The Hulk May Return To The MCU A Lot Sooner Than We Thought
Hulk’s next confirmed appearance is in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, but a new comment suggests that we might get to see a little of him sooner than that.
hulk Adam Holmes 2016-02-19
The Big Conversation Thor 3 Is Having About The Hulk
Since Mark Ruffalo's Hulk was first introduced in The Avengers he's only been a supporting player. When we see him in Thor: Ragnarok he'll have a much larger part to play. This means it's time to address the big green monster in the room.
hulk Dirk Libbey 2016-02-01
Why Mark Ruffalo's Still Bummed About Joss Whedon Leaving The Marvel Movies
o date, the character that has been the most difficult for Marvel to figure out on film has been the Incredible Hulk. The character has gone through three different iterations before finally figuring out what needed to be done. Mark Ruffalo says there's one person to thank fo that.
hulk Dirk Libbey 2016-01-29
How Hulk Might First Appear In Thor 3
We’ve known for a couple months now that Thor: Ragnarok will see the Prince of Asgard work with his Avenger teammate, Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk. Now the latest rumor indicates how the Green Goliath may be thrown into the mix.
hulk Adam Holmes 2016-01-25
The Avengers: Ranking The Most Likely Candidates To Join The New Team
Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo recently said that the supporting Avengers will become the primary Avengers during the MCU’s Phase 3. Here are the candidates we think will compose the new lineup of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
hulk Adam Holmes 2016-01-13
The Marvel Complication That's Likely Holding Up Solo Hulk Films
Aside from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, the Green Goliath has been limited to ensemble movies and adventures starring his Avengers teammates, and there are no plans to give him another movie because of this complication.
hulk Adam Holmes 2015-12-23
Thor 3 May Make This Major Change To The Hulk
When Hulk returns for 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, moviegoers may see a significant change in the relationship between Bruce Banner and his more monstrous side.
hulk Adam Holmes 2015-12-23
Will Hulk Fight Thor In Ragnarok? Mark Ruffalo Says This
One of the greatest things about comic book movies is watching characters we know and love kick the hell out of each other, and it's starting to sound like Thor and Hulk are next up to throw down.
hulk Brent McKnight 2015-10-28
5 Ways Hulk Might Fit Into Thor: Ragnarok
It’s looking likelier that Mark Ruffalo will reprise Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk, in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. Still, the question remains: how exactly does Hulk fit into the movie? We have a few guesses.
hulk Adam Holmes 2015-10-16
Thor: Ragnarok May Add This Female Superhero
Recent rumors going around have said that Mark Ruffalo's next appearance as The Hulk will be in the cosmic adventure Thor: Ragnarok - but if a new report is to be believed the God of Thunder and the Green Goliath may not be the only heroes featured in the 2017 blockbuster.
hulk Eric Eisenberg 2015-10-14
Someone Made Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor, See It In Action
Comic-Cons always bring out top-notch displays of cosplay. We would say everyone’s a winner when it comes to cosplay, but the clear standout of New York Comic-Con this past weekend was the near-life-sized version of Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster armor from Avengers: Age of Ultron.
hulk Nick Romano 2015-10-13
Where Marvel Fans Probably Will See Mark Ruffalo's Hulk Next
Marvel’s Phase Three seems to be marked by multiple high-profile team ups. Ant-Man is coming back, with The Wasp at his side. Captain America’s sprint through the Civil War will showcase nearly a dozen different superheroes. And now we’re getting a report that Hulk may get a team up.
hulk Sean O'Connell 2015-10-12
5 Marvel Fan Bases Left Disappointed By The Big Phase Three Announcements
Looking at both the direct effects of today’s announcements, as well as considering some other choices that the studio could have made, we’ve collected a list of five different groups of Marvel fans who were probably left a bit bummed by the developments. Read on to find out who.
hulk Eric Eisenberg 2015-10-09
Why Plans For Grey Hulk In Avengers 2 Fell Through
We almost got to see a grey variant of The Hulk in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and it would have happened too, if it wasn't for one detail.
hulk Mike Reyes 2015-09-10
8 Marvel Arguments Fans Will Never Stop Having
Marvel fans are all brought together through their mutual love of the brand’s fantastic superheroes and adventures… but like every fanhood, not everyone is always on exactly the same page. While some enthusiasts love one aspect of the comics, movies or television shows, there’s usually an equally-sized group of others who couldn’t more wholeheartedly disagree with them.
hulk Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-09
Hulk In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2? Here's What James Gunn Said
One of the biggest Marvel fan theories out on the web is that Hulk will make his way into Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Unfortunately, some theories are just that — theories. Director and screenwriter James Gunn addressed the matter — once again — on Twitter and put an end to speculation…for the time being, anyway.
hulk Nick Romano 2015-09-08
5 Places Hulk May Be During Marvel's Civil War
Mark Ruffalo has confirmed that Hulk will not appear in Captain America: Civil War, leaving the character’s whereabouts still unknown. However, we have thoughts of our own on where he’s hanging out, both logical and slightly out there.
hulk Adam Holmes 2015-09-03
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