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James Gunn Responds To The Peter Quill Parent Reveal For Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Well, that didn't take long. Earlier today, a rumor made the rounds about the identity of Star-Lord's father in Guardians of the Galaxy, but director James Gunn says it's not right. And he probably knows.
james gunn Brent McKnight 2015-11-24
The Clever Way Vin Diesel Gets Groot's Inflection Right For Guardians Of The Galaxy
Vin Diesel has one of the strangest jobs in Hollywood. Sometime next year he’s going to stand in a sound booth and say “I am Groot,” a couple of hundred times with various inflections, but only a few people know what he's really saying.
james gunn Dirk Libbey 2015-11-12
5 Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Villains Matthew McConaughey Might Have Played
Interstellar star Matthew McConaughey was being looked at to play a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but he turned down the role. Here are the evildoers we think Marvel might have wanted him to breathe life into.
james gunn Adam Holmes 2015-10-29
Why Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Won't Impact The Avengers: Infinity War
Guardians of the Galaxy became a hit for Marvel by doing its own thing. Sure, it had references to the grander Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it was very much a self-contained film. Moving towards the sequel, writer-director James Gunn plans on staying true to that aesthetic — even if many of us what it to lead into Avengers: Infinity War.
james gunn Nick Romano 2015-10-15
Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Will Bring Back The Film's Most Eccentric Character
Aside from the five core characters, it’s difficult to gage who will be back for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. As we inch closer to the start if production, it seems as though one major character will be joining the intergalactic band of superhero misfits: The Collector.
james gunn Nick Romano 2015-10-08
The Marvel Superhero Danny DeVito Almost Played
Danny DeVito’s no stranger to voice work. He lent his recognizable vocals to such projects as The Simpsons, Disney’s Hercules, Space Jam and The Lorax. But Marvel?
james gunn Sean O'Connell 2015-10-07
James Gunn Will Sneak This Alien Species Into Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Thanks to the power of the Internet, we’ll be seeing at least one Sneeper in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Director-writer James Gunn posted a special message on Facebook revealing the events that led to the victory on the Sneeper front.
james gunn Nick Romano 2015-10-07
How Michael Rooker Is Trying To Convince James Gunn To Make A Yondu Movie
There are many characters in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy who could likely carry their very own spin-off - and Michael Rooker is evidently very keen on that happening for his role as Yondu Udonta. How do we know this? Because apparently he pitches ideas about it as a possibility to his writer/director friend as late as 3AM.
james gunn Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-25
Guardians Of The Galaxy's Most Secretive Easter Egg Still Hasn't Been Found
Towards the end of last year, when Guardians of the Galaxy was making its way on to Blu-ray and DVD, writer/director James Gunn teased us all. While fans had spent months searching his movie for inside jokes and Easter eggs, the filmmaker revealed that there was one very special thing he included that nobody has found.
james gunn Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-14
The Hilariously Sexual Reason Marvel Won't Let James Gunn Use A Comic Book Alien Race
From the overt inclusion of The Mad Titan Thanos, to the brief appearance of Cosmo in one of The Collector’s cages, there’s unlimited minutiae for fans to dissect in James Gunn's Marvel films. Not every reference gets to make it, however, and sometimes the reasons are hilarious.
james gunn Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-12
Why Marvel Feels It Can Go Bigger With Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Guardians of the Galaxy proved a number of things for Marvel. Despite this immense success, Marvel is confident they can top the first go around.
james gunn Nick Romano 2015-09-09
Hulk In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2? Here's What James Gunn Said
One of the biggest Marvel fan theories out on the web is that Hulk will make his way into Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Unfortunately, some theories are just that — theories. Director and screenwriter James Gunn addressed the matter — once again — on Twitter and put an end to speculation…for the time being, anyway.
james gunn Nick Romano 2015-09-08
Why You Probably Won't See A Lot Of New Characters In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
While Chris Pratt's Peter "Star-Lord" Quill is the central protagonist of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, he's far from it's only lead. More like The Avengers than Iron Man, the film has a responsibility to give screen time to a full ensemble of characters.
james gunn Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-08
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Is Bringing Back A Key Collaborator
Nearly all of the major creative talent from the Guardians of the Galaxy are coming back for the sequel, including this key collaborator who helped set the tone.
james gunn Adam Holmes 2015-08-21
Why James Gunn Isn't Bringing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 To D23
James Gunn has been doing a pretty good job keeping Marvel fans completely up to date with his work on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Which means that when rumors regarding the hugely anticipated sequel begin to circulate, he jumps straight on to one of his social media accounts to debunk or confirm them.
james gunn Gregory Wakeman 2015-08-13
Read James Gunn's Touching, Heartfelt Letter To Guardians Of The Galaxy Fans
Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of Marvel’s unexpected hit Guardians of the Galaxy. To mark the occasion, James Gunn wrote a touching letter to his fans, and it’s truly something of beauty. Get your tissues ready, this is definitely a tearjerker.
james gunn Catarina Cowden 2015-08-01
James Gunn's Favorite Marvel Movie Since Iron Man
The early response to Ant-Man ahead of its release later this month has been positive. There have been one or two naysayers, but most of those who have been privy to the latest Marvel adventure insist that it’s a rollicking entertaining ride. And now it has secured arguably it’s most positive reaction to date from none other than Guardians Of The Galaxy writer/director James Gunn.
james gunn Gregory Wakeman 2015-07-01
The Marvel Team James Gunn Would Love To See Get Their Own Film
Writer/director James Gunn is a guy you can trust when it comes to movies about a team of superheroes, which is why it's exciting that he's both backing and suggesting the idea that Marvel Studios get to work on a movie based on the comic series The Runaways.
james gunn Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-30
 Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Finally Has An Official Title
With the exception of the Iron Man movies, Marvel Studios has largely stayed away from putting numbers in their sequel titles, instead opting for more creative subheads like The Dark World, The Winter Soldier, and Age of Ultron. That, however, won't be the case for the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy series.
james gunn Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-29
Guardian Of The Galaxy 2's Major Difference, According To James Gunn
Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has been promising new and exciting changes ahead for the franchise. As progress is made on the sequel to his Marvel Cinematic hit, the director loves to tease fans with news on what’s to come. And this time around, the director emphasized just how different Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be from its predecessor.
james gunn Catarina Cowden 2015-06-27
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