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42 High-Res Screenshots From The Excellent Hunger Games Trailer
This morning, the excellent trailer for The Hunger Games arrived online, giving us a pretty good look at the movie, which unfortunately won’t hit theaters until next year. We grabbed some screenshots from the trailer for those of you who want a better look.
screenshots Kelly West 2011-11-14
35 High-Res Screenshots From The Snow White And The Huntsman Trailer
Earlier today we posted the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. It not only gave us a look at what the film will be about, but it also offered numerous glimpses at the excellent special effects set to be featured in the movie. We grabbed some screenshots from the trailer so you can get a better look at some of the best moments from the video.
screenshots Kelly West 2011-11-10
70 High-Res Images From The Captain America: First Avenger Trailer
When a new trailer comes online that has some cool imagery and/or a lot of quick cuts, we here at Cinema Blend like to highlight it by going through the video frame by frame and plucking out all of the greatest moments. Few movies are better fit for this process than the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger that was just released.
screenshots Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-23
80 High-Res Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Trailer Screencaps
We've selected over 80 key screenshots from the new trailer, which you can see in the gallery below. Check out our first look at the mermaids who are a key part of Jack's quest
screenshots Katey Rich and Josh Tyler 2010-12-13
100 High-Res Images From The Thor Trailer
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that today marked the release of the first official trailer for next summer’s superhero blockbuster and we’re more than happy to go through it frame-by-frame so you
screenshots Eric Eisenberg 2010-12-10
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