Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Wants To Be With Maria

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Arnold Schwarzenegger may have dug himself a massive hole over the past few years between the love child scandal and the hardball negotiations during preliminary divorce talks, but heís apparently still trying to gain leverage and propel himself back to where he once was. At least thatís what the former Governor of California told a German publication during a recent interview for his film The Last Stand.

Speaking to Bild, Schwarzenegger said he and his wife Maria Shriver have cooled it on the fighting, and heís still hoping theyíll get back together because he loves her. Over the past few months, the estranged spouses have been spotted out and about a few times running errands or doing things with their children. Those excursions donít necessarily mean getting back together is imminent, but considering most divorcing couples donít even want to be in the same room to work out property arrangements, there is definitely a better chance here than usual.

In the end, it will probably come down to how hard Arnold is willing to fight. Heís the one who screwed up. He should be putting every ounce of strength and every one of his resources into showing his family how frightfully sorry he is about straying. Itís going to take a Herculean effort to win back their trust. Luckily for Arnold, heís certainly no stranger to Herculean feats.

Weíll keep you updated.
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