Kanye West may be the father of Kim Kardashian’s unborn daughter, but that doesn’t mean he’s gotten very close to the reality star’s stepfather. In fact, if good old Bruce Jenner is to be believed, he’s only met the musician one solitary time.

Recently, the Olympic gold medalist spoke to Extra and told the outlet Kanye has spent so much time recording his new album in Paris that he hasn’t been around the family at all. It was during said conversation that he casually mentioned he’s only met him a single time, but if Kim is to be believed, that’s definitely not true. She reached out to TMZ to call BS on Jenner’s figure, and the website was able to come up with at least four occasions in which Kanye and Bruce have at least been in the same room together from a Clippers game to an X Factor taping to two Kardashian family events.

If these comments had been made by Kris, I would say there was a high probability of the family matriarch trying to start some shit and/ or expressing her frustration with how rarely Kanye has been around. Since it was Bruce and Bruce is one of the more go with the flow people in the world, however, I highly doubt this quote was anything more than Bruce over-simplifying the fact that they haven’t spent a whole lot of time together.

Here’s to hoping they’re able to form some kind of bond by the time they’re officially tied over the long term thanks to this impending baby.



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