Cribs: Storm Trooper Edition

By Mick Joest 2014-05-28 13:46:15
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So you thought the Cantina bar was still the hottest spot in the Galaxy? Set your phasers for stun because this Stormtrooperís crib is off the chain. Everyone from Jawas to Jabba knows the dopest party spot on Coruscant is TK-429, a.k.a. Supernovaís crib. Empire TVís Cribs was able to get an exclusive and unprecedented first look at the house of one of the most infamous Stormtroopers in the galaxy! Oh you think all Stormtroopers look alike huh? Thatís prejudice, just so you know, bro. Allow me to educate your weak mindÖ

That business was a long time ago, and Supernova has been doing it up big since then. Thatís right, he has a movie room, lounge area, swimming pool, and even a TV embedded inside a dresser, because why the hell not when youíre getting money? Slave girls on deck, and bounty hunters watching the action making sure no one steps out of line. It seems the decline of the Empire was not felt throughout all their ranks.

Supernova may have gone Cloud City, but donít get it twisted; he knows where he came from. In his home, he has an homage to his dearest friend,lost in the explosion of the Death Star, and his cat Starlight. Artifacts of Alderaan can be found on the premises, taken out of respect, and because there was a lot of cool ass stuff floating around in space. All of this is awesome, but in my eyes one thing stood above the rest in this video.

The amount of Wookie milk he had on hand was straight up Shock Trooper status. Wookies can tear both of your arms straight out of your sockets without even trying, so the mark up on that stuff is crazy high. The fact that Supernova has three half-gallons is a status symbol if I ever saw one. Really sucks that Lord Vader had to roll up and crush the fun like he did, but you know how them OG Sith Lords are. Money canít buy respect and when you live by the blaster, you die by a force choke.

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